Welcome to Vyteo (pronounced Vee-Tee-Oh). We’re a San Francisco based media relations firm specializing in getting your tech company in the news.

  • Do you have a major release coming up?
  • Have you accomplished something notable that others should know about?
  • Would you love to see your company’s name in print?

That’s where Vyteo comes in. Tell us your news and we’ll find the reporters that are interested in writing about it.

We have a simple approach.

  • Understand your publicity goals.
  • Find the most compelling way to tell your story.
  • Reach out individually to prospective reporters and journalists.

Many firms send PR blasts to laundry lists of email addresses. Some use known relations within the news media world to get published. A few offer a menu of publications from which you can purchase a placement. Writing articles as a favor or for profit leads to uninspired works to uninterested readers. At Vyteo we stick to the basics. Pitch genuine reporters real stories that are relevant to their beat. The best pitches win and at Vyteo we write them.

Contact Usto discuss how we can get you in the news.