Welcome to Vyteo (pronounced Vee-Tee-Oh). We’re marketing and communication specialists who work primarily with start-ups.

  • Are you an engineer with a great product, but have no idea how or where to start with getting exposure?
  • Does your product work, make money, and you’d like to increase profits?
  • Have you recently read a marketing or public relations book in the hopes of increasing your business?

That’s where Vyteo comes in. We’ve worked with many start-ups, and each and all want the same thing- increased traction for their business. But where should one start? Where should one invest one’s time and money? Vyteo can help.

  • Establish a robust marketing plan for three, six, and twelve months.
  • Find the right PR firm, specialist, or in house strategy to get your start-up in the news.
  • Hire in house marketing specialists to handle content creation, partnerships, social media, paid advertising, events, search optimization, newsletters, and everything else.

Let’s face it. Engineers tend to have limited respect for the fields of marketing and PR. But many a brilliant web application goes unnoticed without ever receiving the exposure it deserves. That’s where we come in, and set-up a marketing strategy that will work.

Contact Usto discuss how we can help your start-up with its Marketing and PR needs.