What is Vyteo? <top>
Vyteo hosts the best and most creative startup reviews on the internet. Our reviews are both memorable and accurate representations of the featured startup. We liken them to Super Bowl commercials. They’re promotional in nature but everyone watches them since they’re creative and fun. Poetic features are posted every Wednesday. Check out our About Page for more information on Vyteo’s history.

How much do Vyteo reviews cost? <top>
Features on Vyteo are free, by selection only. Historically we offered sponsored posts, but don’t currently. The best payment is sharing the article across social media and/or linking back to it somewhere. We love receiving your best pitches here.

Will Vyteo help me make a viral video? <top>
Yes! Vyteo’s creativity is available to help script a creative and unique video. Tell your story in an inventive and fun way, and you never know- it may go viral! See our Viral Videos Page for more info.

Are you in San Francisco? Let’s grab a beer! <top>
I live in the heart of the Mission in SF. I love startups (obviously) and love meeting them. Are you here or coming to town? Let’s grab a beer! Or invite me to your launch or mixer event. I’m happy to meet your crew, or even give a short offbeat presentation.

What information do you need to write a review? <top>
At a minimum nothing. We write the majority of reviews based on information found on your site. Optionally some clients provide us press releases, highlights, and other news that isn’t readily available.

Can sites select keywords to be included in the article? <top>
Early on we made the decision to no longer allow sites to select keywords. Instead we write articles by humans, for humans. We’d much rather have shareable content than something only a search engine would like. We DO make every attempt to draw from the language on your site when crafting reviews. But unduly catering to the nebulous SEO wardens that lurk in the dark corners of the web is the leading cause for mediocre content. Our reviews will naturally describe your site and search engines are well adept at leading interested people there.

Can start-up teams help articles go viral? <top>
Yes! Whenever you get a placement you want your entire team to amplify that news. Top articles on Vyteo get over 15k views, which is more than an average article on any of the most visible news sites. You want every article you get to be on top of the traffic bell curve for that publication. Start by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn to let all your followers know about it. Submitting to social news sites including Reddit and HackerNews can drive traffic too. And the most lucrative of traffic sources for us has been StumbleUpon. Getting an article trending there is great.

Can featured sites copy or repost the article in its entirety? <top>
Absolutely. Please attribute and/or link to Vyteo. Quotes, excerpts, or full reposts are welcome. We love seeing our content around the web.

How many people write for Vyteo? <top>
We’ve had a handful of writers since our May 2009 launch. Typically we have a few main writers with an occasional guest writer.