Viral Videos

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Why Make A Creative Video?

According to the book Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers there are 19 marketing channels to reach your target audience. It encourages trying each in small scale, measuring the results, and then focusing on what gets the most traction. Seeking publicity and using unconventional PR are prominent among them.

Many companies have the core marketing channels set up- Search Engine Marketing and Display ads being staples for most campaigns. Landing pages are optimized, scripted emails are set up to welcome and guide new users, and social media updates are scheduled.

Now what? Making a creative and comedic video is a great way to warm relations with your current users and build a bridge to new ones. And if done well and the wind blows in the right direction, these short commercials could gain you a big windfall of exposure.

How It Works

We guide the creative process through iterative feedback. Each company is different and wants to project and maintain a certain image. We try to capture that in a way that will be intriguing to viewers.

  • We start with high level brainstorming to see what genres of scenarios might fit a company’s image.
  • A high level scenario is selected, characters are added and developed.
  • Once the general characters and scenario are set up, variations of the scenario are created.
  • A final script is refined and delivered.
  • Our creative production team will produce it.

What To Expect

A creative video is just like any other piece of content. In order for it to gain exposure a marketing push is usually needed. We have a PPC Specialist available as well as a PR firm that can assist with this. Although the stickiness of any piece of content is hard to gauge in advance, there are many tangible outcomes that can be counted on.

  • It’s a great icebreaker for visitors checking out your service through other channels. Many sales professionals start their pitches with creative stories or jokes. You can too.
  • It’s a creative way to announce exciting news.
  • It gives you something to talk about when you don’t have news.
  • It makes it more likely you’ll get in the news. Reporters, bloggers, and journalists prefer sticky, interesting content. It will stand out amid the ocean of press releases they receive.
  • There’s a chance your video will go viral.

What Now?

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