Rollip: How to Polaroid a Picture

Everyone loves antiques. Isn’t it great having someone’s second hand junk around? There’s an odd novelty in owning broken down clutter that was thrown away years and years ago. I suspect it’s a form of nostalgia, where people get a sense of reconnecting to the past by memorializing objects that just as well should find their way to the dumpster. Of course I will agree that there’s something artistic about old things. They weren’t made by machines in a factory. Chances are MBA’s hadn’t yet cut back all non essentials and design engineers hadn’t optimized away any idiosyncrasies. Yes, there are loads of people that search for old things, fix them up a bit, and then keep them as treasured prizes.

For those of you who are dedicated to searching scrapyards and antique shops to pay a premium for something that didn’t cost a dollar when first sold, I give you Rollip. It’s the antiquifier for the web. Specifically, it will take your pictures and make them look like they’re from 1978.

In its entirety Rollip allows you to upload an image, puts a polaroid frame around it, at which point you can download it again. There are a variety of polaroid variants to choose from, though I’m not savvy enough to discern the difference between any of them. It’s a polaroid which will make nostalgic people happy when they view them on your site.

I don’t have any major concerns with this polaroidizer tool. It seems absolutely spiffy. I do have one major suggestion though. As a hack web developer I’ve grown accustomed to applying bits of Javascript to my pictures to give them various effects. I’m kind of a purist and prefer not to change the original picture. For example, to add a glossy effect I used a Javascript package insightfully named, Glossy. With a few modifications to the html it completely revamped my pictures, my life, and I’ve never been the same ever since. In fact here’s a list of similar such effects, one of which is damningly titled, Instant. Somehow that was supposed to translate to a polaroid picture effect. I know it’s an entirely different angle but I think it’d be really cool if Rollip did the same with their tool. I’m guessing that they have more expertise in polaroidizing pictures. Likely any Javascript tool they provide would be most fabulous. In the meantime, here’s our friendly llama again showing its stuff on a polaroid- stylized, of course. *

Llama that on polaroid

SlapBack: Thanks for the review! I like your comments, esp. about the javascript effect. Will look into it some time, actually i’m curious how far I could take it with javascript.

* Llama photo attribution. (Found on Wikipedia, posted with permission.)

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