SellBizToday: Harnessing social networks to buy & sell businesses

It’s no secret that the economy is still a mess.  Thousands upon thousands of articles have been written on the “Great Recession” and luckily for you all, I won’t go there.  No bad vibes here at SlapStart.  Instead, what I’d like to do is focus on the positive; on people who are tapping the seemingly limitless potential of the Internet (and social networking sites in particular) to provide relief to struggling businesses, and in turn, kick-start a recovery that is tantalizingly – notice the optimism! – around the corner.

Enter SellBizToday, a rapidly growing business-for-sale-service on the Internet that is re-defining the scope of traditional service-marketing to embrace the social networking explosion.  Simply put: using these new technologies, struggling businesses now have a platform to tap a previously-unimaginable pool of would-be buyers and brokers.


From a navigational perspective, the site is clean and efficient.  Sellers (for a fee) can Sell their Business, while would-be buyers can register for free to Buy a Business.  Owners can also Sell a Franchise and Find Brokers by location.  Brokers themselves can sign-up, as can Franchises.  Would-be buyers can search their database of businesses by Listing Type (Assets Only, For Sale by Broker, For Sale by Owner, and Franchise Resale) and Location.  They can also search by Business Type (e.g. Retail: Pet Stores) and by Price Range.  And that, essentially, is all there is too it.  Simple.

But what really makes SellBizToday sing is its back-end architecture and marketing strategy; namely, it’s heavy investment in social networks.   According to a recent press release, SellBizToday is “the only business and franchise for sale listing website that advertises its members business listings and services on social networks. SellBizToday not only has informational profiles set up on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and other social media sites, it also utilizes many pay per click campaigns to drive thousands of unique visitors to their member’s business listings.”

And that’s the beauty SellBizToday’s flexible model: now, it can be used as a lifeline for struggling businesses looking for a buyer while also serving as an indispensible tool for entrepreneurs and bargain-hunters looking to invest during lean times.  And when – again, notice the optimism – happy economic times return and buyers have more money in their pockets, the platform can act as a pivotal driver in economic growth and expansion.  Consider it the silver lining in today’s financial storm-cloud and the Grand Marshall at tomorrow’s capitalist parade.  Bring a chair, it’s gonna be great!

SellBizToday has come and it has gone. Forgotten by most, but revered and remembered by us.

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