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As a fledgling company makes its way into the world, the brainchild of one or more people driven by the entrepreneurial spirit, and becomes known (hopefully) across that untamed wilderness we call “the web;” an intangible entity begins to develop that exists parallel to the actual business: a reputation. Regardless of how the company actually operates, the formation of a reputation is based largely on luck. If one customer out of a thousand feels slighted, this is usually not a horrible problem. After all, you can’t make everyone happy all the time and some people can’t be pleased at all. You make the effort to rectify problems and if they still aren’t happy, well, there’s not a whole lot you can do. Throw in a free keychain, maybe.
If that one person, though, decides that you have somehow swindled them and they launch a one-man internet-war against what they perceive to be an evil corporation (you), it can be a serious problem. It can cost you money in the form of lost customers and tarnish your reputation in a way that can feel irreversible. All of the positive steps you’ve taken to spread the word about your business, the SEO you’ve done to ensure your website is at the top of the heap when someone Google’s your business name or industry, are all for nothing when some libelous blog post turns up just above yours with the title “XYZ Company Founder Involved In Kitten-Eating Scandal”.It is simply bad luck. As someone who has his own detractors out there on the web, I can tell you personally that this is infuriating. And, for the record, it was not a kitten; it was a burrito.


Reputation Armor is a reputation management company that provides, among other services, damage control for the sort of situation mentioned above. They specialize in helping businesses and individuals remove negative online complaints and reviews. By knowing how to effectively stack search engine results in your favor, they can help preserve your reputation and minimize the impact of negative press that can hurt your ability to draw in new customers and grow your business.

One of the ways they do this is by using tried-and-true search engine optimization tactics. Search engines value new content more than stale or static content, which is why search engine results typically place blog and forum posts ahead of standard static web pages. Reputation Armor creates new positive content about your business, either by posting to existing blogs or by creating a new blog for your company. By dominating the first few pages of search engine results with positive reviews and news about your company, Reputation Armor effectively pushes negative reviews off of the first page, which removes them from the public eye. This works because many people simply don’t look past the first page of search results.

Another way Reputation Armor helps improve your company’s reputation is by creating a positive press release campaign. By distributing press releases to large PR websites, Reputation Armor can drive traffic to your website and spread your name around in a positive way. You may think that press releases are only for large companies, but virtually any business can benefits from good, positive press.

It’s nice to know that Reputation Armor also offer their service for individuals. Many human resource departments Google prospective employees to make sure something troubling doesn’t come up. A lot of young professionals who live active social lives use Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites to keep in touch with friends and family and share pictures. Occasionally, a person may find themselves the victim of unsubstantiated rumors spread via the internet. Or perhaps a former friend posted an embarrassing photo or some revealing information about you on their blog. The service that Reputation Armor provides can be just as effective when used to help the reputation of a single person as they are when helping a business. Many people don’t realize that things that are written on the web are archived somewhere and can come back to haunt you. Youthful indiscretions shouldn’t prevent a qualified candidate from landing a good job.

Reputation Armor has many other services available, including procuring backlinks that will increase your website’s value, negotiating for the removal of negative reviews from popular review sites, forum posting, positive article creation, and constant reputation monitoring, but they all really equate to one thing: someone fighting for your reputation.

The user-driven nature of the internet enables industry competitors and unhappy, bored people alike to post outright lies about your business. There’s no changing that. There’s no regulation out there and the more scandalous the allegations against you, the more people are willing to click on it. Every dollar spent improving your company’s reputation does more good for your business than ten dollars spent on advertising. A positive reputation bolsters your marketing campaign. If the public does not trust you, then your marketing will amount to nothing. And it’s simply not possible to get positive word-of-mouth referrals, which can make up a significant portion of new customers, without an upstanding reputation.

Put simply, when you pour your time and energy into making your company the best it can possibly be, just to have to spend more time and energy fighting negative reviews and comments online, it can be a relief to know that there is a better way to fight. I’m sure many of their clients will agree that the service Reputation Armor provides is invaluable.

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