TorrentsLibrary: The name says it all

It’s Saturday night, and it’s gonna be a quiet night in.  You’re still waiting on your latest Netflix order (“Problem Child 2,”) and TV just isn’t doing it for you (although you’d characterize your relationship with “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” as love-hate.)  You could read a book (too many words), talk to a human (over-rated) or do the Times’ crossword (on a Saturday?  Yeah right!)  So hey, how about downloading a torrent?  For, as the old saying goes, when life throws you a curveball, take a shower, change your clothes, and download a torrent.  (A torrent, by the way, is a file that delivers movies and games to your computer.  It’s also a small, weasel-like animal with webbed feet, indigenous to Malaysia.)


So this brings us to Torrents Library, a nifty and easy-to-use torrent searcher.  (And remember to check with your lawyer first, kiddies.)  You don’t want Lars coming after you.)  The site is crisp and simple; you can search torrents by Music, Movies, TV Shows, Games, among others.  Clicking on Music, for example, brings up a bunch of stuff, including – for each torrent – the number of files, the size, the date (it was uploaded, presumably), the Seed, and the Leech.  I admit, don’t know that the latter two are.  Sounds like a gross Irish pub from the 17th century.

On the right hand corner is a bunch of movies, and by scrolling down the home page, you see the most popular TV show, music, games, books (which could probably be included in the search box above), and applications torrent. So seems to me we have a bad news/good news situation on our hands.  The bad news: no “Problem Child 2” for download.  The good news: “The Lion King” is ready and able.  Your free torrent is waiting.  Looks like you just made plans, kiddo.

TorrentsLibrary woke up one day to a swat team pounding down its doors, and shutting down its server. We can only hope the women and children were spared. The men were no doubt whisked away to an Eastern European gulag to be indentured servants to the lost black nobility.

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