Iconize.me: Express yo-self (with icons) before you wreck yo-self

Any Jim Croce fans out there?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Well, he has a tune called “I’ll Have to Say I Love You With a Song.” Here is a particularly striking lyrical excerpt:

Every time I tried to tell you, the words just came out wrong
So I’ll have to say I love you, in a song

We’ve all been there, right?  Well, times have changed, and songs kinda don’t really do the trick anymore.  We have other tools at our disposal, like, say, icons.  Y’know, the happy/sad faces you put in e-mails (I kinda like the “embarrassed face” one.)  And much like anything else involving technology, icons have come along way.  They’re niftier, artier, more sophisticated.  And there are some super-cool, funny, and compelling icons on Iconize.me.


“Can’t find the words to be understood?  Try with icons” is what Iconize.me says, and they ain’t lying: they have more than 600 icons to express your mood, to say where you want to go or what you want to do.

The home page is simple.  There’s a wall with recently uploaded icons by users.  And by clicking on the About Us tab, we learn more about the back-story: Iconize.me aims to help folks all over the world communicate through icons, which is nice, since I only know English, and the last time I tried to talk to a cute French girl in French, I got my Shirley Temple promptly dumped on my head.  Ouch!  The more I thought about it, it made sense: like anything else, icons can be a form of expression – a form that has been highly under-utilized and under-developed.  Artists are encouraged to submit their icons, and they get a share of any proceeds.

Some suggestions.

  • I’d add some crisp copy to spell out what we’re looking at here.  For example, on the home page, there’s a “Wall” with icons.  I thought a little (it hurt) and deduced there were icons uploaded by recent users (though I could be wrong.)  Whatever it is, it’d be cool to say as much (e.g. “Recently uploaded icons.”)
  • I’d also provide users with some explicit, three-step instructions.  For example, 1) Join Iconize.me, 2) Search or upload your favorite icons, 3) Download them.  It’s PowerPoint presentation 101: people are lost sheep and need the security of a roadmap, of knowing where they’re going to go.  Otherwise they get restless and start playing Solitaire on their cell phone.   All that said, it was only after reading the About Us page that I realized my interpretation of the site may be slightly off – all the more reason to insert descriptive copy on the homepage.  To that end, it seems that Iconize.me’s main mission is to partner with artists to get their work up on the site.  Therefore something like: 1) Join Iconize.me, 2) Upload Your Icon, 3) Get paid for your work.  (Or whatever it is – synthesizing the process in three crisp steps.)
  • Lastly, I’d also have the FAQ page in English and enable people to register on the home page.

Before I wrap up here, I must say, throughout this feature, you – the reader – seemed a bit distracted.  Like, you weren’t even paying attention.  Are you still thinking about that girl?  You are?  Still?  Man.  Have you talked to her?  No?  Why don’t you?  Dude, you gotta let her know how you feel.  Then, at least, you’ll know.  In fact, just send her a text with an icon from iconize.me, and tell her this (you knew this was coming, by the way):

Every time I tried to tell you, the words just came out wrong
So I’ll have to say I love you…with an icon

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