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Nutty Mp3 is a free mp3 music site with over 800,000 Internet jams and counting (namely, 10,000 daily.)  It’s all quite simple, really.  Go in there and check out the top 20 downloads, top 20 USA singles, top 20 UK singles, and the Europe Music Charts.  You can also, naturally, search for any song or artist, and also browse search by the following genres: All, Classical, Electronic, Hip-Hop, House, Jazz, Metal, Pop, Rap, Rock, and Soundtrack.


A cursory view of the big hits of the day led me to believe that the modern world is passing me by.  Who is this Lady Gaga?  Please Dept?  BYU Singers?  (Admittedly, my heart warmed/recoiled slightly when I saw “Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby (Miami Drop Mix)” up there.)  Still, I was bummed: no sign of the “Three Hanks” (Lockin, Thompson, and Snow.)  Can’t win ’em all.  I, however, did enter a search term for a relatively current band (Built to Spill), and presto manifesto, up popped some nifty jams, including their cover of “Freebird!”

Nutty Mp3, as a free mp3 music site, also addresses the elephant in the room too: there’s a nice disclaimer at the bottom, providing answers to some logical questions.  For starters, it does not host any of the songs on the site; rather it indexes the files, which are located elsewhere.  The user is ultimately downloading stuff from another host service.  Users can also submit their own free Mp3 download, but only by linking the url where the MP3 resides, rather than the file itself.  Makes sense to me.

It’s also worth noting that the NuttyMp3 mascot – the doggie-DJ with his tounge out – is cool.  He instantly joins the ranks of previously SlapStart-ed mascots (Translationzilla, anyone?) that I’d love to share a beer – or in this case, a Milk Bone – with.  Nutty the Doggie-DJ with His Tounge Out rocks!

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    cooooooooool, tnx!!! I love this site.

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