TorrentsLand: The Holy Spirit or something else? You decide

If TorrentsLibrary was the Father and TorrentsLib the Son, then TorrentsLand is, without question…St. Gerard.  Jk – it’s the Holy Spirit, for sure.  It’s mysterious, omnipresent, and often under-appreciated.   OK, I admit, the analogy never really caught fire.  (It was either that or the Godfather Trilogies, but since the third one was so bad, I felt it didn’t really apply.)  Nonetheless, Torrentsland is the third installment in our torrent-related trifecta, and while the premise is the same – an easy-to-use torrent tracker and/or torrent searcher, depending on how you feel – there are a few nifty quirks.


For starters, the thumbnails of the available movies.  Nice touch.  It’s also worth noting, these are pretty up-to-date movies, including “Clash of the Titans,” “Date Night,” and “The Bounty Hunter,” the latter of which, not surprisingly, bombed.  Jennifer, call you’re agent.  But on the bright side, has any other ex-Friend, besides – perhaps – Matthew Perry really made a name for him/herself in film?  That’s a rhetorical question.)

The browsing boxes for your free torrent of choice – Anime, Applications, Games, Movies, Music, etc. – are located on the the right-hand side of the page, and below that are “Goodies,” namely plug-ins.  Below it is a helpful “How does this work?” prompt, which will take you to a page full of code-y mumbo jumbo that terrified me, but likely sounds like Mozart to the torrentphile*

The home page is a bit shorter, scrolling-wise, than the other two, and I think that’s a nice touch from a navigational perspective; the last search results tags are predictably wild and surrealist.  The “Latest” Tab is also a nice touch, as it pulls up each free torrent from today, yesterday, and the month, so you can keep up to date.

* That’s, I think, a double pun: someone who likes England is an Anglophile; a torrentphile likes torrents but also, by virtue of being a torrentphile, dabbles in “files” themselves.  I amaze myself sometimes.

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