Treidr: A better way to buy and sell online

Buying stuff on the Internet isn’t new, nor is posting classified ads.  We have our Amazons and our CraigsLists, but to my knowledge, there’s nothing out there that takes advantage of social media networks.  When someone wants a mattress, for example, they’ll go on a site and actively look for one.  However, but accessing these networks, sellers can proactively reach out to buyers; suddenly, the buyer realizes, “Hey, I didn’t think I needed a mattress – it’s amazing what club soda can do – but I guess I do after all.”  This is why I became intrigued by Treidr.  It’s a site where you can post free classified ads while interfacing with social media.  It’s simple, easy, and intuitive.


I registered and gave it a try.  I registered and embarked on the two major things one would do on Treidr: buying and selling.  So, buying first.  It was pretty self-explanatory.  On the left-hand of the screen, I could browse classified: For Sale, Community, Housing, Cars & Vehicles, Jobs, Friends & Dating, Pets, and Services.  I selected “Jobs” and was taken to a page with subcategories ranging from Accounting and Finance to Work from Home.  What was intriguing about the page was that there was a thumbnail picture next job, breaking up the text in an aesthetically pleasing manner.  I clicked on a random job and all the details were there: Price (salary?), Date Posted, Ad Id, User Info, City, Country, Photos, and Description.

I next then went through the steps to post a free ad.  I clicked on “Manage My Ads” and was taken to my dashboard.  I clicked on “Post My Ad,” and chose a category for my ad.  I picked “Cars and Vehicles,” then from a subcategory selection, “Vans and Campervans.”  Then I was able to enter information (screen shot below.)  One thing that I noticed – and I may be wrong – is that you need to register to post an ad.  That may not be a huge obstacle for many people, but there may be a small subset of would-be users who pass on register and move on.  Then it occurred to me that this step was necessary and important: free registration attracts bad elements: spammers, scammers, and other riff-raft that ruins that party for everyone.  Think of it as a positive check and balance, so buyers and sellers alike know they’re dealing with a legitimate, hassle-free service.treidr2

Ultimately, the entire process was simple and very intuitive.  The layout is crisp, with lots of white space, but with the occasional thumbnails, which certainly broke up the text.  In fact, some of the ads from the front page made me think this wasn’t your average online selling site: ads for profiting from out of print books, Live Tarot Readers, and a massage therapist – neat, out-of-the-ordinary vendors and goods.  In fact, for customers and sellers dabbling in these industries or markets, Treidr can be *the* place to go for them to hawk their wares.

To that end, I’d like to get confessional.  As a writer, we always look for a “hook” to get the reader’s attention, and many times, the hooks come easily because of something – knowingly or unknowingly – silly or weird or perhaps even annoying about the subject matter.  Not so with Treidr.  It’s no-frills, no bells-and-whistles approach, it’s clean simplicity, it’s ability to allow users to post free classified ads without hassle – renders it immune from snarky, cynical hooks.  Add in it’s ability to interface with social media networks, and I’m beyond hook-less.  Hook-less and humbled.

Treidr appears to have removed their site from active record of the internet. It’s tough to go up against Craigslist, but we give them full marks for the valiant effort.

  • rebecca d lidberg

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