WaterMyBlog: Turning your blog into SEO gold

Last year I went to a Buck Owens Tribute Night at a bar in San Francisco, and as I looked at the lap pedal steel guitar player, I thought, man, this is some serious black magic.  I had no idea how the guy played it, though he made it look so easy, and it created such a compelling sound that I found myself ordering drink after drink.

You know what’s also black magic?  Search engine optimization.  Page rankings.  Google indexing.   In fact, perhaps a better term is alchemy: he who can harness that stuff can weave Web page gold (hence the blog title.)  This is precisely what WaterMyBlog does.  It’s a blog writing service that creates original posts, specifically designed for your company or industry, chock full o’ content-driven SEO to drive your page rankings and keep it in Google’s good graces.  Not a bad proposition.


As someone who dabbles in this cryptic world of SEO, the whole proposition is quite alluring.  For starters, folks who are expanding their footprint on the Web probably didn’t get into business to write content all day.  They’re there to sell stuff, develop products, make PowerPoint presentations, etc.  They realize they need a blog (I picture a crusty old dude yelling to his secretary, “We needed a blog yesterday!”) yet once it’s up, it often times withers on the e-vine.  People forget to update it as more pressing matters take precedence.  E-tumbleweeds blow across the arid wasteland that was once your blog.  A blog writing service like this is like a sheriff, law book hand, rolling into town to restore content-related order.

Yet the importance of SEO is irrefutable, and hiring a “experienced content writer” off CraigsList won’t cut it in and off itself.  So this is the market WaterMyBlog steps into, and they do so elegantly: simply 1) choose from three distinct plans in which they’ll write your blog, 2) sign up for a month-to-month contract, and 3) watch your blog grow; all you need to do is approve their posts.

So about those three plans.  The basic one, at $39 a month, is “Standard,” and includes three posts a month, five keywords, and other goodies.  The most robust is the “Power” plan, at $99 a month, which adds “AddThis Button” and Social Bookmarking to nine posts a month and 10 keywords.  At $69, the “Advanced” plan is right in the middle.  Better yet, as of this very second, WaterMyBlog is offering a free one-month trial, plus a free blog post.  The former offer is good through June 1; the latter, July 1st.  They will, in their own words, “provide you with a 200 – 300 word blog post targeted for your keyword and designed for your company.  We want to show the world what we are capable of without sacrificing the security of our clients, and by doing so, hopefully win the support of you as well.”  Hard to argue with that.

In fact, for a company looking to expand their blog footprint, this is an offer one can’t refuse.  As a first-time user thrown in the shoes of a potential customer, there are other things that’d make me more likely to sign up.  For starters, examples of customer blog posts.  WaterMyBlog acknowledges they must keep their clients confidential – and that, as a would-be client, is good to know – but perhaps they can whip up some “dummy” blog content; write up posts for Joe’s Widgets – anything to give viewers a taste of the product itself.  In addition, as the site continues to grow, case studies would be great: the power of showing a significant increase in client site ranking after, say, three months of WaterMyBlog’s blogs, would be very compelling.

Wait a minute.  It just occurred to me: SlapStart itself is a blog.  And if a blog writing service like WaterMyBlog wrote my blogs for me, for even that free one-month trial, then, well, I wouldn’t have to.  Think of all the other things I could do.  Pour over a crossword puzzle with a cup of tea.  Put the finishing touches on my screenplay.  Call Aunt Linda.  Get into jazz.  Hmmm.

OK, well, gotta run.  Peace.

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