Web-Based Software: Find The Right Web App For You

With mobile broadband connections now being as common and ubiquitous as digital watches, we find ourselves waist-deep in a software revolution called SAAS, or Software As A Service. Essentially, it’s web-based software for which you pay a monthly subscription. SAAS eliminates the burden of having to run the software from your own servers. Data is stored online and updates are handled by the software provider. If we ignore the glut of hype coming from the software industry about how much cheaper, smarter, and easier it is to subscribe to software than it is to own and run it, we find that, well, it really does make sense. Companies seem more project-based than ever these days and they fold up quicker than a lawn chair if success isn’t beating down their door within the first few months of launching. Ask a web developer, but only if you want a rant.

SAAS allows you to use the tools that you need to run your business, from anywhere, for a minimum cost. It doesn’t make sense to invest loads of money in the antiquated software architecture of yesterday, particularly if you only have a tenuous notion of what the future may hold. I’m not trying to be a pessimist here; SAAS is just good business for many companies right now. There’s a reason it’s gaining so much ground and increasing numbers of software developers are opting to develop subscription-based software.

Once you decide to go with SAAS, though, you have to pick the right programs. It’s impossible to test each piece of software and most of the time you only have one chance to make the right decision, especially when it comes to project management software. No one wants to start over and learn something new after a few months of trying to get a program to work. It means lost time, which means lost money. So you want to choose the best software right from the start. This is where Web-Based Software can help you.


Web-Based-Software is a web-based project management software directory. They make the process of finding the right SAAS simple: start off by browsing the website by category and reading a few lines about each program. Then, if you think the program will be a good fit for your business, simply click the provided link(s) to visit the program’s website. The website layout is clean and intuitive, so you can get to where you need to go quickly. Multiple screenshots accompany each program in the software directory, which provides a helpful preview of the software, and there is usually more than one link to the program’s website so you can cut right to the “sign-up”, “about”, or “features” pages.

The categories available for browsing include a wide range of software categories, from general project management software to human resources and payroll programs. More than a few financial, accounting, and billing software options can be found that will handle the money side of your business, while issue/bug tracking software can be a boon to any application developers, especially if your development team is spread out across the globe. You can make sure everyone is working on what they should be, when they should be, with time tracking software and scheduling programs.

Not everything is geared only toward SAAS. You’ll also find software for creating your own social network site, dating site, and forum. I found a few programs that, while probably aimed at small businesses, sparked my curiosity about using them for my own extremely-small business needs. Specifically, I’m thinking one that would allow me to do billing from any computer, which would be great since my laptop was made in 1998 and weighs as much as a baby elephant.

You can browse by category, which is probably the easiest way to find what you’re looking for, or you can browse through only the in-house reviews of software. There’s also a search engine you can use if you don’t want to browse.

What I value the most on the Web-Based-Software website are the in-depth reviews written by the staff. As someone who writes a lot of reviews, I know what I’m looking for when I read one. Give me the key features, an overall impression of the program, and a big, shiny link to the program’s website. Most review companies simply parrot the ad-copy available on the program’s site, but Web-Based-Software gives each review a unique spin.

There are really only one small problem I’ve got with the Web-Based-Software website: no side-by-side comparisons between programs. Being able to quickly compare features for different program that provide similar functions saves me some brainpower that I’d rather put toward thinking about the other million stressful aspects of launching/restructuring my company.

Web-based Software is a useful and time-saving website if you’re looking for on-demand software. SAAS appears to be the next logical step in the evolution of software, so we can safely bet on this website continuing to grow in popularity and depth. The site is easy to navigate and by having an architecture that encourages browsing you might just find a program that you didn’t even know you needed. This might be the very definition of a helpful, informative website.

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