CoupRecoup: Luxury On Any Budget

Have you ever gotten a great discount but then ended up not needing it? Or maybe you won it as a prize or corporate give away. Now there’s a place where you can both buy and sell these so called Groupons.

CoupRecoup is a website that allows people to buy and sell good deals that can be used at restaurants and businesses in your local metropolitan area. The CoupRecoup website works in conjunction with several other websites (such as Groupon, Tippr, and Social buy) that offer deals (a $100 massage and facial for $50, for example) that a limited number of users can purchase. If a user purchases a deal and then realizes they won’t be able to redeem it before the expiration date (a change of plans, sickness, etc.), they come to CoupRecoup to try to offload the deal and recoup at least some of their money. So users at CoupRecoup can find some pretty great deals or, alternately, they can purchase some highly sought-after deals they missed the first time around.


The website doesn’t charge any fees for buy or selling, and no real sign-up is required to participate in any transactions. Sellers provide a link to the webpage upon which the deal was found, the asking price, and an email address, while buyers need only provide an email address, an offer (if possible), and a message for the seller.  (THe message is presumably to persuade them into lowering their asking price). Sellers can then sit back and watch the offers from potential buyers show up in their email inboxes.

The website has two main parts: a page that lists all of the deals available to buy and a page that allows sellers to post deals. It’s simple and effective, without a lot of fluff getting between the user and the purpose of the website. The website is pleasantly-designed and you can sign up for a weekly email alert so you can stay on top of those deals. Right now the service is only applicable if you live in or around a big city, but there are plans to add more cities in the future.

The first thing you might notice while browsing the available deals on CoupRecoup is that they are primarily geared towards luxury items/services. You’re not likely to find deals for local chain eateries and mini-golf and more likely to find things like “90% off tandem skydiving” and “60% off an hour-long relaxing float session”. I can’t really imagine exactly what a float session might be, but it sounds magical and restorative. And at a discount of 60%, I have a chance of actually being able to afford it.

This is the best thing about CoupRecoup: the system brings luxury down to a practical level. If you’re planning a night or weekend out on the town (or in the city) but don’t have a lot of money to burn, you can experience the same exotic, adventurous, or decadent pleasures as someone to whom caviar is a necessary food group. If, you plan ahead and visit CoupRecoup.

And if you still have trouble spending money of yourself, many of the deals can make great gift ideas. Certainly a massage certificate might be just the thing to get a stressed-out spouse. And what sort of person could possibly say no to a haircut at an upscale stylist? Of course, certain deals should only be kept for oneself, namely the gym memberships, cooking classes, and bikini-waxing deals. Those might send the wrong message.

I saw many deals that could be an excellent find for a man (or woman) looking to impress their next date with something that might otherwise be out of their price range. The next best thing to being able to actually afford dinner and drinks at a ridiculously up-scale restaurant is appearing to an attractive member of the opposite sex as if you’re able to afford it. A good first-impression could be well within your budget if you know about CoupRecoup.

At a time when people are trying to rein in their finances, CoupRecoup makes the finer things in life more affordable, which is something I can get behind. I’ve always said that it’s important to occasionally treat oneself and the people around us to great things to remind everyone what life is all about. Most of us become so mired down with the depressing repetition of work and life at home that we forget the world is full of exciting tastes, sounds, and smells and memories waiting to be made.

An evening that includes tandem skydiving followed by cocktails at a swanky uptown lounge qualifies as a “night out” writ large. This sort of thing, along with a variety of tamer but still inspiring deals, is what you can find at CoupRecoup.

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