StyleCheckUp: Which Dress Looks Best

Every morning, all across the world, people wake up to face the new day. Amongst other morning rituals they each in their own way, decide what to wear. For some, namely, men, this is a simple procedure. Pants, shirt, shoes- hopefully they match. Women face a different ordeal altogether. Three to four outfits later they finally select the décor that works for them. That’s why when you notice a girl’s shoes or cute hat, a compliment goes a long way. Those were the ninth pair of shoes and second hat she wore that day before braving the world. Side note on the hat, if I’m ever caught complimenting a cute hat, I like the girl, not the hat. I’m fairly passé on the whole cute hat thing.

The decision of what to wear is exacerbated seven fold by an event, or dare I mention, a date. Long hours are spent finding the right dress to attend a wedding, nice top for a casual hang out, and all the events that take place in between.

StyleCheckUp is a site that assists with just that- helping women the world round pick out what to wear. Its plush purple pages provide an interface to upload three different outfits and then allow friends, family, and your favorite internet anonymous strangers to vote which is the best. Along the way it also provides how to videos, style suggestions, promotions, fads, and everything in between. All you need to know about fashion can be found through the venue of StyleCheckUp.

Decide What to Wear

My favorite part of StyleCheckup is the hot or not functionality. I particularly like that I didn’t have to register to vote which dress looks best. I can click on the Vote on Styles link, review the various photos and cast my opinion. All the while helping to create a better, more confidently dressed woman. I found the magazines, forums, classifieds sections to be full of content. From videos on how to do my eyebrows to their own mini Classifieds section, it has a variety of different draws above and beyond the voting functionality.

A big promotion going on at this very moment is none other than, the “Big Contest.”  They’re giving away six, yes you heard me six, Coach purses. When I’m completely honest with myself, the only real fashion distinction I can make is that there are women who have a Coach purse, and those who do not. StyleCheckUp knows this and is giving new users the allure of winning one of these prized chic totes.

The biggest improvements I would hope to see revolve around my favorite part of the site- submitting and voting for the various styles. This is the heart of StyleCheckUp and what makes it fun and altogether compelling. They say to succeed in the web today, go an inch wide, and a mile deep. Submitting and voting on styles is StyleCheckUp’s “inch.” As such, I want it to be more discoverable and more developed. At the risk of making a joke gone terribly awry- StyleCheckUp has found their inch. Now do as women have done for millennia, and take it a mile- deep. Specifically, I have two requests. (Not counting a third, coyly mumbled, lip quivering request for the ever fashionable StyleCheckUp to let me take her out.)
1) Place a rotating mini Style check up widget on the homepage. This will tell even someone as slow and bumbly as me, that this site is one where I can submit and vote on various styles. It also gets people interacting with the site right away.
2) The next Suggestion is to have unique pages for each fashion submission. That way tweens the world round, and the lovely women they grow into, can email their pressing fashion questions to their friends. This page would have tons of potential, such as comments, share it on facebook, etc. Plus, the current voting section does have a “story” section, but we all know it does no justice to some events. It allows for a minor story, not the epilogues these dresses deserve. I mean, don’t we need to talk about the date’s eye color and that he remembered to call the next day. Or maybe he seemed a little distracted by the waitress until you ‘accidentally’ spilled your water on the table. (Don’t think I don’t know all your tricks!) These are all essential details needed to help pick out one’s next outfit.

The StyleCheckUp page is a fun and promising site. The fascination of checking out and voting on what other people are wearing will be the big draw. Once users get used to voting, they’ll start making their own submissions too. Soon women will be hitting the town dressed a bit more confidently, and perhaps a bit more stylish for the occasion. In my case, I’ll just go with pants, shirt and shoes- no hat. Let me know when you’re free.

StyleCheckUp did the one thing we never wanted them to do- left! Was it something we said? I swear I won’t hang out with the guys anymore on Fridays or leave my socks all over the house. As time passes we’ll slowly begin to accept the reality that she just isn’t coming back- leaving the forever we had together, forever in the past.

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