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Imagine my shock to discover that Youtube was still around.  Amazing.  That company, it seems, is built to last.  Upon hearing this, I checked it out again, and instantly realized why I totally fell in love with it in the first place.  You can watch videos of anything!  I, if I may, enjoy watching videos of Scott Walker, fantastic basketball shots, and silly bloopers of all sorts.  Man!  Hilarious!

But to be honest, one of my favorite things to do with YouTube – and I’m serious here – is check out songs on them.  Old songs.  Out-of-print songs.  Songs that have been jogged from my memory, songs that you probably can’t buy at the record store.  Songs like Dylan’s “I Can’t Leave Her Behind,” which to my knowledge isn’t available in MP3s form.  And it wasn’t infrequently, upon stumbling upon jewels such as this, I said audibly, to no one in particular, “Man…I wish I could get an MP3 of this rare Dylan jewel/jam.”

So you can imagine my giddy, eerily-womanly glee to stumble upon YouTube to Mp3, a –  brace yourselves – site that converts YouTubes to MP3s.  My glee was severe.  And better yet, they agreed to let me feature them, so this is the feature about them.  Everything is coming together.


If I may quote the said featured site: “Youtube to Mp3 conversion is the latest technology being used to convert Youtube video files to Mp3 audio files. One of the great features about is the ability to also convert Google video, yahoo video and flicker video to Mp3 audio files. It’s simple and it’s fast.”  So I did precisely what I hope you’d expect me to do.  I tried to convert that Dylan jam to an MP3!

I went in, entered that YouTube url and provided my e-mail address.  I choice a “low” quality MP3 setting, figuring it would be quicker that way.  The suspense was killing me.  My life flashed before my eyes.  I thought about regrets, things unsaid, lost lovers, and how I should call my Aunt Sally. Then, as in a blur, the download was complete.  (For those keeping track at home, the two-minute long YouTube jam took about 90 seconds to convert.)  I had the choice to download the song directly from the site; it was also delivered to my inbox.  They’re so nice.

Better yet, when I checked the e-mail, it actually told me the name of the song, culled from the YouTube page.  How’d they do that?  The e-mail provided a link to where I could retrieve the file, so I went to it and saw my file waiting there for me.  I clicked on it, saved it to my desktop – the successful retrieval page is below – opened it, and Lord have mercy, it worked.  Now I have an MP3 of this amazing jam that, like, you cannot get on MP3.  Until now I guess.  In addition, you can share the converted files with friends.   You just select the files you’d like to share from that retrieval page (below), and give the tiny demon-dwarf inside the internet your friends’ e-mail addresses (because the Devil must be behind this, somehow.  It’s just too easy.  Too…easy.)  Then the demon-dwarf sends them a link to download the files selected.  And it’s free.


So, if you want to know how to convert youtube to mp3,this is the site for you.  And seriously, this is no joke.  I know of many DJs and record afficionados who’d go bananas over this.  Because people hear about obscure songs, and somewhere in Denmark some guy has it, and he downloads the vinyl version of it to YouTube, with some static background on the YouTube page, and up until now, that’s how collectors accessed these rare tunes.  In fact, I’ve been to parties – true story – where the DJ would DJ from YouTube screens, plugging their computers into the mixer.  They’d just go from, say, the “Billy Jean” YouTube page to the “Holiday” (Madonna) YouTube page.  It was an 80s party; I dressed as the little-kid-that-never-really-caught-on on “Family Ties.”

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