Bodalgo: I’m hearing voices

It wasn’t so long ago that I helped build custom voice prompt systems. We all know the drill. You call a customer service and listen to the options. Press one for English, oprimía numero tres si habla español. They were rather complex projects, including designing the system, having software engineers build it, and then tracking down a single individual to record the voice prompts. This person was the unseen star of our show, and a minor celebrity within the office. Some knew her as Sandy, but she was mainly referred to as, the voice talent.

Voice talents, or voiceover talents, are hybrids of actors, singers and performers. These are the voices you hear in the background during commercials. It’s a voice talent that speak to us during movie trailers. Professional tutorials or online presentations are also, all voice talents. They are the speaking actors and actresses that we only hear, rarely see.

Out of this subset world of actors and performers, has fueled an entire industry. There are people vying for speaking contracts, and producers, marketing firms, or businesses, looking for just the right voice for their presentation. The industry, like all others, has moved online to assist with making the introduction of employer and contractors. It’s perhaps one of the best and most pure job fairs of them all. A voice can be evaluated just as it is, unencumbered by the bias of visual appeal or personal preference. And it all happens at, Bodalgo.


The first thing I noticed about Bodalgo was the headline descriptions of each voice. There’s the “23 year old, well rounded with experience”, or “Friendly, Warm, Intelligent, Inviting Sound!” It’s funny to contrast these with how I might construct my own CV. I must say, I’m quite tempted to borrow a few quotes and put them on my lists of expertise. “I’ve both coded Python, and have a British accent, slightly husky, very clear, and am easy to listen to.”

Boldalgo’s main function is connecting such voiceover talents with talent seekers. They provide portfolios in multiple languages including American, English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, with others being available upon request. Note that American and English are different languages in the voice talent world.

Both voice talents and voice seekers are able to register for free. The voice seekers can then post jobs, receive bids from voice talents that match their project’s criteria, and select the talent they’d like. They also have the option to leave messages with voice talents that they’re interested in auditioning. The voice talent accounts are divided into two categories. The standard account gives them a profile page and ability to upload a demo. The premium account gives access to audition invites to which you can submit bids for. So when a job is posted that matches their particular skill set, they’ll be notified and have the opportunity to audition. These premium members pay a monthly fee for the service.

Now if you’re anything like me, you’re thinking how hard could it possibly be. All these people do is read a script to some fancy background music. Before you get too far down that train of thought, I ask you to consider the last time you went to a karaoke bar. Remember the one person who actually sounded good? No? Me neither. Voiceover talents are in fact, talented. Skilled and trained in the art of speaking- where not only words are spoken, but intonation, inflection, and pitch all play a vital role in what is said.

Beyond the basic service of helping voice talents find those that seek them, Boldago also provides a translation service. When creating a commercial, movie, or training seminar, it’s imperative that languages are translated well. Not just accurately, but also they need to carry over the tone, spirit, and compelling construction of words that were in the original. Great marketing blunders can be attributed to poor translation. For instance, the Nova car means, no va in Spanish, translated roughly, “it doesn’t move.” Bodalgo provides professional translation services targeted for broad market exposure.

Some voice seekers just don’t have time to deal with searching for the right talent, or would value the assistance of professionals. Boldalgo offers full service consulting for those who want professional quality voiceovers.

Bodalgo is the leader in helping voice talents find their employers. They’re equally the leader in matching voice seekers with the right voices. It’s a familiar scene to some, and intriguing to the rest of us. Bodalgo is the perfect place for start-ups looking for someone to record professional tutorials.  And for those who excel at the karaoke bar, they can start auditioning for paid, voiceover gigs.


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