Car Insurance Companies: Unraveling the Insurance Mysteries

I live in San Francisco. To those who don’t know, that means my car has dings in it. Nobody knows where they come from and there’s never been a note that showed up on my windshield. It just gets beat up. Door dings are the most common due to where I park. One special dent on my hood was left in memory of (likely) a high school student, and my bumper has received a friendly nudge or two. Overall it’s doing well. I’ve patted myself on the back more than once for buying a dark colored car. And I’ve been able to keep my insurance rates low.

Seeing as how I don’t drive very much I recently tracked down my insurance agent to figure out ways to reduce cost. We went over the various options, all of which went over my head. After a few minutes of hearing horror stories about hospital bills, I worked a few dollars off the price and went about my business. Suffice it to say, I didn’t know then and don’t know now exactly what coverage I have.

But getting car insurance really isn’t all that hard, or that much of a mystery. There are two things to learn. 1) What are the available insurance options, and 2) what are the companies available to purchase them from. Like all business transactions, it’s good to learn as much information as possible prior to approaching the negotiating table. Car Insurance Companies provides just that. They host an abundance of useful information so you can understand the various coverage options, and they provide a list of companies that are available to purchase from. There’s also the option to contact these companies for quotes or talk to an agent.

Car Insurance Companies

My favorite part about Car Insurance Companies is that you can study up on all the insurance types. They have a Car Insurance 101 page that includes basic information on coverages including liability, collision, comprehensive, bodily injury, and personal injury protection. They also have a page that includes the legal minimum coverage you need to stay above the law in your state. There’s no fault car insurance in some states, cheap insurance for young drivers, information on discounts, to name a few. Essentially everything you need to know prior to contacting an insurance agent.

After perusing the thorough but not inundating information on insurance options, it’s time to begin reviewing the companies themselves. There’s a whole section dedicated to car insurance company reviews. One point of intrigue is the JD Powers car insurance ranking table. This is a handy chart that ranks the customer satisfaction levels of all the major insurance companies. I was surprised to learn that the top four I had scarcely heard of, with Amica Mutual taking the number one spot. Nervously, I looked for my own provider only to find them toward the bottom of the list. Thinking back to my conversation with my agent I wondered if I got the best deal for me, or for her.

Once you’re armed with all the industry lingo and background, you’re now ready to start getting car insurance quotes. Car Insurance Companies provides a portal to do just that. All you do you enter your zip code and it will return a list of providers in your area. Click on as many as you like and it will take you directly to the quote page for the respective provider. And thus ends the involvement of Car Insurance Companies.

The fact that Car Insurance Companies isn’t selling insurance is my other favorite part about it. They don’t represent any one particular provider but rather present them all on a equal plane. They give you the information you need in order to become familiar with the insurance landscape. When you’re ready, you can start meandering your way through the sales pitches, as an informed buyer.

Car Insurance Companies is a great tool to learn about insurance. It provides all the information exactly as you’d like it- as informative text with references to back it up. It’s not part of a sales pitch offered by industry but rather an unbiased source of information to assist people in making better decisions. From the SF dent speckled cars, to those who really get themselves in a situation on the highway, having reliable insurance is a critical choice. Car Insurance Companies will help you make it.

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