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People go to great lengths to get a job. It starts with the daunting task of condensing all one’s accomplishments in life to a single document. This entails gathering references, academic accomplishments, and professional achievements. To make matters worse, many employers request that you limit it all to one page. On the other side of the negotiating table are employers. These days it’s been rumored that they get flooded with hundreds of resumes. Sorting through the candidates is an impossible task.

The resume and job search process is and has always been, convoluted. There’s no one single format for a resume and all employers seem to request different pieces of information. What’s more is once your career gets going you continue to accumulate professional and academic experience, all of which needs to be tracked. After a few years it quickly becomes cumbersome.

Behold. A Resume.

Unilaterally solving the resume and job search “problem” is ConnectCV. They provide an online resume builder that allows job seekers to set up their resumes as well as for employers to seek out candidates. They also have a service for educators to network with both employers and students, to help facilitate the introduction of their graduates.

At first glance ConnectCV is nothing more than a location to create an online resume and employers to find them. Upon further inspection however, they offer much more than that. They are set up to track every aspect of your job search, including professional experience, schoolastic degrees, and references. Notably, they also provide the means to authenticate each of these vital pieces of information. For instance each previous employers can be verified via their eVerification system. References can be sent a questionnaire which will be embedded into your online resume through eReference. There’s eLibrary which stores all your career documents. Anything from grades, diplomas, referrals, job descriptions, can all be stored in this central location. Once you’ve uploaded your documents to ConnectCV, you don’t have to go searching for them ever again. Then there’s the eCertificate tool that authenticates your degrees or academic accomplishments. This means potential employers can know at a glance that your degree is valid. ConnectCV is set up to track and validate all the information and materials you need throughout your entire career.

Historically the onus has been on employers to verify that your credentials are accurate. Smaller businesses usually bypass this step and go with their gut instinct. Larger businesses often outsource it. Both employer and employee are given the option to authenticate various items on a resume. This is a paid service, but once something is authenticated regardless of who pays for it, that status remains on your resume. The level of verification is indicated by their resume verification star rating system. This visually indicates the degree to which one’s credentials have been verified, and if any discrepancies were found.

A sample workflow would be for a job seeker to upload all their information to ConnectCV. Once that’s done, they can broadcast their resume out to potential employers that are looking for someone with their credentials. From there employers can contact them for an interview. From the employer side, when they decide to open up a new position, they set up a job posting within their ConnectCV account. From there ConnectCV’s engine will search the web as well as their own database and provide relevant matches. More about that process can be found here. Employers are also provided a web plugin to place on their site, dubbed ResumeLink. This allows candidates to directly email their online resumes.


ConnectCV has positioned themselves to be the central location for job seekers and employers to connect. For job seekers it’s nice to finally have a place to store all the information needed to find a job. For employers it covers all the bases they need to make quick and accurate assessments of candidates. For educators, it gives them the option to begin capitalizing on introducing their esteemed alums to employers. Schools and Universities already are very useful headhunters, now they can get paid for the service as well. Particularly useful is that ConnectCV is designed so their job seekers can look for jobs both inside and outside their network. So you can send a formatted introduction email, resume WebLink and PDF, and cover letter, to whomever you choose. Equally, employers are provided candidates from both inside and outside ConnectCV’s network.

Finding a job can be a tiring process. It’s the culmination of a lifetime of hard work. Finding good employees can seem like an impossility amidst all the resumes that pour in. With ConnectCV this process can be orchestrated and managed to streamline the job search process.

  • Jack Liang

    Technology is moving at such a rapid paced that we can hardly keep up. Online tools like ConnectCV and LinkedIn has made it easier for people to connect.

    This especially holds true for employers and job seekers. Although the medium has changed and we are moving further away from the traditional methods of job seeking, the principles are always the same.

    Finding the right candidates for the right organizations is all about the ‘Fit’ and it is something an online tool can never be properly executed.

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