Supervise and Protect Your Kids Online: Three Simple Keys

We all know kids are prone to wander. They’re new to this world and are eager to explore. From a very early age parents are tasked with finding ways to channel these explorations for their growth and development. They also are constantly establishing boundaries for their safety and protection. It’s quite easy to recognize a house that has a toddler in it. Once they start walking around everything within arms reach of a three foot terror is bolted down, locked up, or moved to higher ground.

As kids get older they (hopefully) learn to no longer be curious about what laundry detergent tastes like. But just as they overcome these small hurdles they gain the ability to land themselves in even greater danger. Friends from school start having cigarettes, and there’s always the kid whose parents let him do anything. One strategy is to enroll your child in every club, sport, and program available. Don’t give them any time to contemplate blowing stuff up or licking frozen flag poles. Monitoring their friends, and then the families of those friends is critically important in keeping your children safe from reprobate influences. And then comes along the internet. Its unbridled access to every piece of visual and written decadence is virtually unlimited.

And it’s all accessible at the click of a button to your child.

Many tools exist to assist with protecting your kids online. There have been internet providers that promise to only deliver content that is suitable for children. Then there are a variety of software programs you can install to monitor or filter your child’s access to the internet. But understanding the various nuances of how these work and then setting them up correctly can be challenging. Sometimes there are ways to circumvent the system entirely. Or other times the system will be so restrictive you can barely access the web anymore. CYBERminderTM offers a solution to protect your kids online that is both easy to set up, and effective.


Their system consists of USB keys. You just plug these into your computer to indicate what level of access you would like. The first key is the Supervise key. This is for the parent and is used for initial set up. The first time it is plugged in it prompts you to install the CYBERminderTM software. Once that’s accomplished, this key will allow unrestricted browsing access and is for the parents. The second key is the Protect key, which the child will use to access the internet. They are only able to access the internet while using their key, and their content will be filtered. The Protect key comes in three age appropriate versions. The break down is less than 9 years old, 9-12, and then teenager. They all block adult content and gambling websites. The pre teens are also blocked from blogs, chat, social networking sites, photos and video sharing sites, and advertising or classifieds. The under 9s have all the above restrictions, and are also not able to access search engines.

9 to 12 Protect Key

The obvious reason why parents choose to use CYBERminderTM is that everything is controlled by having a physical key. The child has no access to the internet without it. The internet filter is handled by CYBERminderTM; all you need to do is plug in the right key. It also lends itself towards the natural growth steps of a child. As they become more mature and responsible, they can earn a new key and new privileges. These privileges can just as easily be taken away should they start to explore less than wholesome corners of the web.

Keys can be purchased in pairs, coming with a Supervise key and Protect key for the age bracket chosen by the parent. They are currently available for purchase in the UK, Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Coming soon is France, Spain, Germany and other European countries. It costs £28.50 for a Supervise and Protect key pair.

Maintaining a child’s online saftety can be challenging. CyberMinderTM provides easy to use USB keys to keep your children protected from nefarious content online. This, combined with a little love and support, will help your children grow to be the young adults you hope them to be.

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