GetNosy: Forcing People to Behave

We all know someone we don’t like. Sometimes it’s pet peeves that irritate us. Other times they’re just a downright bad person. It could be personality conflict, differing goals, or occasionally you’ll meet someone who treats people very poorly.

Smaller towns are known for their gossip about the residents within. Word gets around fast when someone’s dishonest, unsavory, a drunk, or treats their family bad. If a business is continually ripping people off eventually people start talking about it. They can post negative reviews on Yelp, or they can start a blog about how poor the customer service is. But Yelp is designed primarily for businesses, and blogs or comments may or may not get that much exposure.

GetNosy is a site that allows you to track the bad people you may encounter. They provide detailed anonymous reports about people, email addresses, businesses, and physical addresses. To get started all you do is register for a free account and start submitting reports, or investigating people. The reports are stored by GetNosy and are accessible to others who want to search on that individual or business. For instance, let’s say you have a friend who cheats on their boyfriend. There’s really nothing you can do about it, right? If you confront them they’ll throw a fit. If you tell their boyfriend she’ll most likely come up with a series of lies to keep it going, as well as say bad things about you. But what you can do is submit a bad person report at GetNosy. This will allow anybody she might date to find out what kind of person she is.


GetNosy has a couple of different options. You can submit a report on good behavior or bad behavior. Reports can be submitted based upon a person, an email address, a business, or a postal mailing address.  Another example of GetNosy coming in handy is when a landlord is dishonest. Sometimes they make it difficult to recover your deposit, invade your privacy, or try to change the terms of the lease. So off to GetNosy you can go, and submit a report with their information to record this bad behavior.

GetNosy also has a very helpful daily searching tool. All you do is enter the information for a person, business, email address or postal address. From there it will check daily if new information comes up for it. It’s a useful tool to find out information on someone you’re doing business with, or for when you meet new people online.

GetNosy comes in a variety of packages. Their free service is Bronze, and you have the option to upgrade to Silver, Gold, Platinum, and then Diamond. Premium users  have access to the anonymous email system to privately share their experiences and opinions with other users via private emails. Anonymity is a key factor to GetNosy and all this correspondence is handled safely, without disclosing anyone’s identity. With each package the cost per month decreases, and you get more custom searches per category. The Diamond offering is just $1.91 per month for a full year’s access to the system. It’s also worth noting, all laws are adhered to by GetNosy. Offenders may not like it, but it’s perfectly legal to track their bad behavior online.

GetNosy, brings the small town back to the internet. Love it or hate it, gossip helps protect people from harm. When someone’s behaving badly, it’s to everyone’s benefit to expose that behavior and prevent other people from being harmed. If left unchecked, some people will just keep taking advantage of others. The internet brings this to new levels as people are widely known for misbehaving online. Thanks to GetNosy and their detailed anonymous reports, people now have a recourse to track these bad behaviors, and ensure the safety of others.

GetNosy is now reporting an untrusted connection. Thus, we’re pulling out all links to it.

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