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Have you ever wondered what people thought of you?  I mean what they really thought of you.  Not just polite or socially acceptable patronage, but the simple truth.  The kind of feedback you get from a trusted friend.  Sometimes it can sting a bit, but taken the right way, it can make you a better person.

Inside Hospitality is that friend for service-oriented businesses.  They offer an extensive suite of programs to evaluate businesses such as restaurants, bars, and spa resorts.  The concept is simple.  You have a business, and want to know what it’s like to be on the other side.  The side that pays you and keeps you gainfully employed – the customer side.  That’s where Inside Hospitality comes in.  Their customized programs and trained fleet of mystery shoppers will help you gain that insight.

Inside Hospitality
I was amazed by the number of trademarked programs listed on the website.  They have numerous service offerings to meet the needs of your specific business.  As I read a few descriptions and watched some of the many informational videos, I began to appreciate the different distinctions and purposes.  For example, Phonebuzz™ is geared towards evaluating the user experience when calling a business.  They actually provide an MP3 of the evaluated call and give feedback based upon it. (All local and state laws are adhered to in gathering information.)  BarStoolie™ is geared towards bars and the night scene.  The mystery shoppers are knowledgeable in such a scene and will report whether the bartender is mixing drinks correctly, or if the bouncer is letting people in for free. You can think of them as your very own private detectives.

Beyond the mystery shopper based programs, Inside Hospitality also provides a variety of related services.  GuestPromoter™ is a program that gathers and analyzes data from the customer.  Business owners provide guest information and Inside Hospitality follows up on their experience. This is the type of feedback upper management would value, as it’s processed by a third party instead of their own staff. Mobilabilty™ is their mobile marketing service where they provide the mechanism to communicate with customers via text message. As noted in a recent post, the ability to automate client communications is key to a business’s success.

The GuestPulse™ platform is particularly interesting.  It’s a portal to keep track of what customers are saying about your business in social media.  Are people tweeting about your bar or blogging about your restaurant?  Do they make positive comments?  Are they negative, or neutral? And what’s being said about your competitors?  GuestPulse™ will help you manage your online reputation, and monitor the reputations within your industry.

On top of monitoring your staff once you’ve brought them on board, Inside Hospitality also provides consulting and recruiting solutions.  They’ll do pre-screens, reference checks, initial interviews and even follow up on how the new hire is doing. Their 24 hours, 7 days a week support system is available to all clients and customer.  A chat window on their website gives you direct access to customer service agents for any questions you may have.

Navigating through their site is relatively simple for such an in-depth set of services.  Video demos and tutorials are included throughout their website.  Many sections includes videos which walk the user through how that particular service works.  Due to the extensive and somewhat abstract nature of their business, perhaps they would benefit from more case studies of past clients.

Need more insight?  President Gary Tripp hosts an online radio show, Hospitality 101 (aka H101) once a week.  The site contains archived shows as well, for your listening pleasure.  Inside Hospitality really does have it all!

Times are tough.  Owning a business these days are even tougher.  Consumers are becoming less forgiving.  And on top of that, they have more avenues than ever before to express and publish these frustrations.  Inside Hospitality can help with the damage control – or help avoid it completely.  It truly is a one stop shop for guest experience management programs.

Inside Hospitality morphed to Summers Hospitality Group. We trust the change has been good for them.

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