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Ever had the need to send someone a video? Let’s say you have a long distance relationship with someone and want to let them know how much you care. There are only so many options to remind them that you’re still thinking of them. Email, snail mail, send flowers, send gifts- these are all great ways to stay in touch. You can share video chat with Skype or other instant messaging tools. Or you can upload a video to Youtube. But when chatting, the other person needs to be on the other line. Or with Youtube you’re broadcasting your undying affections to the world.

As such, there’s an emerging market for video email. People want to be able to record a video, and send it off to only those they intend. MailVU provides a tool that does just that. Just record your video, select a few delivery options, and send a free video email to whomever you choose.

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MailVU has many applications. Girlfriends around the world can be empowered with this new tool. It’s a way to keep themselves as the only thing in their guy’s mind when they’re apart. Father’s can send it to their familes when they’re away on a business trip. Young couples with their kids no longer need coordinate Skype sessions with the respective sets of grandparents. They can gather the grandkids in front of the camera when everyone looks their best, put together a quick video, and send it off. No doubt Gramma will be just as happy.

The possibilities with MailVU are endless, if not slightly indulgent. Webcams often reside in bedrooms, and have earned themselves the reputation of viewing the activities within. But regardless of the intention, MailVU’s service is readily able to record what thy will.

There are some pretty cool options available to those sending video messages. The main ones are how many days you want the video to be available, and how many times you’d like it to be played. So, let’s say, a friend of yours knows someone who happened to come across two people who were deeply in love. From time to time this happy couple happened to use their computer for discrete exchanges of imagery. But then, all of a sudden, one of them lost track of the scandalous images and called Dell technical support. Dell of course was quick to help by posting those images on the internet and also suckering the ashamed deviants into buying them a new laptop. The moral of the story is, sometimes images and videos are best if they’re deleted after a period. MailVU provides exactly the tool you need to make sure that happens. When recording a video you can select how many days until the video self destructs, or after how many views. So if you’re a real tease, you can set it to one view and leave them dying to see you again. Not that I hope anyone I love dearly reads this.

MailVU has one feature that I’m particularly fond of. No registration required. In fact there’s not an option for registration. The primary usage only requires an email address. This comes with a few limitations, in that you can’t alter the self destruct options once a video’s created. Perhaps that will be added in a future version. But there is one option which romantic pairs around the world will find immensely useful. This is an option that every man woman and child who has ever sent an email, wished existed. A self destruct button. Let’s say you write your ex-girlfriend the sorriest sappiest plea to get her back. And then after hours of contemplation, you press the send button. Were you using any other email service you’d be like all the blokes that went before you, and completely out of luck. With MailVU, you just click on the link in the email they sent you when you created the video, and opt to delete it. Bam. Pathetic dweeb ex-boyfriends all around the world now have the option to redeem their dwindling dignity.

At the end of the day, MailVU provides an easy to use video email tool for any purpose you choose. Friends, romance, business, or things best left to one’s imagination- these can all be cultivated with MailVU. It makes for a handy bookmark in your arsenal of communication tools. And can put a little sparkle back in the eyes of those you hold dear.

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