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Being a musician can be fun. Playing out on the town, everyone looking up to you- there’s nothing like it. In fact if I so much as walk around town with my guitar people take notice. They wonder where I’m going and when the show will be. You’re always welcome at parties and of course they expect you to play. But playing music isn’t all about being free spirited and being in the glam. Truth be told, the bands I’ve been in never really got far. But there’s one thing that all bands no matter how big or small have in common- the need to record their music.

The world of recording is far from the world of artistic expression. With all the equipment, knobs, software, plugs, cords, more cords, it’s akin to computer engineering. Once the equipment is set up, the tedious recording process begins where each person plays their instrument, multiple times, until it’s right. First the drums, then the guitar, singers, bass, and of course, the cowbell.

<video removed due to copyright issues. Lame!>

These tracks are then mixed down to a single master track and then saved. Eventually it ends up as an MP3, WMA file, or some other file type. Inevitably, the need will arise to convert this one pristine recording to a different audio type. My recorder sends everything to WMA for instance, but my iPod takes MP3s. Fortunately, there’s a way to convert audio online. provides a tool that will take your file and convert it to the file type of your choice. In particular it can convert wma to mp3 online, and m4a to mp3 online. A full list of file types it accepts can be found here.

So I gave it a test run and uploaded my absolute favorite background music. It happened to be in MP3 format. Then I was given the option to convert it to wav, ogg, wma, or also mp3. From there I could select the quality and convert it. The reason I can convert an MP3 to MP3 is to reduce the quality, in order to make the file size smaller. Almost as soon as I uploaded the file, it was converted. I listened to my newly converted file and to my great joy, my background music was now playing just as it always had. is a simple tool to convert audio online. It’s fast, easy, and does exactly what it set out to do. From musicians who would like to make their masterpiece available in multiple formats, to those loading tunes to their iPods, will take care of the online audio conversion.

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    Wow, almost two years since your review Steve. The site looks a bit different now :)

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