Blue Chip Career: Aim Higher

Finding a job in a down economy can be tough. Before too long career goals go out the window and in comes the desire to take anything that comes along. Speaking from personal experience, I can attest that this is a mistake. As it turns out, many who are out of work go through the same thought process. First they look at their MBA hanging on the wall and start applying at top investment firms. After a couple hundred resumes go unanswered, their hopes of becoming a financial analyst or portfolio manager start to wane. Bills pile up, and before they know it they’re thinking about working at Starbucks. The problem with this is that everybody else comes to the same conclusion. So now they’re not only competing with your every day baristas, but also with those who aspired for more.

But even if you’re staying the course on your career path, landing a job is harder than ever these days. Whereas in the past people would graduate college, throw out a few resumes, land a few interviews, and then have a couple offers to choose from, now they’re lucky to find anything. Job seekers need to seek out every advantage they can to get noticed. Helping them with this is Blue Chip Career, an elite alumni network of top notch professionals.

Blue Chip Career

Blue Chip Career offers career advice and guidance for job seekers in the financial industry. Their decorated staff has extensive experience in all sectors in finance. From hedge funds, investment banking, capital markets, accounting, investment management, private equity, consulting, real estate, and commercial finance, they have experts in all financial fields. They offer 30-60 minute consulting sessions with their network of advisors.

The way it works is you read through the select bios of advisors in your area of interest. Once you find one you’d like to connect with, you schedule an appointment. From there you’re given a questionnaire and preparation guidelines prior to your session so that you can make the most of the time. The sessions are in an open format so you have leeway to steer the conversation as best suits your needs. The goals of the consultation are to improve job search strategy, gain inside market information, improve one’s resume, prep for interviews, discuss strengths and weaknesses, and career mapping. The bios of Blue Chip Career’s staff are impressive. They include those who have managed billion dollar accounts and working at prestigious firms such as Morgan Stanley or Goldman Sachs. Many of them own their own firms, and they’ve all sat on both sides of the interview table.

Despite their broad backgrounds the advisors working for Blue Chip Career have one common thread- a desire to assist young professionals to achieve their career goals. Job seekers need not be intimidated by their impressive backgrounds. Each of them had help during their career and they realize how crucial it was to receive guidance and advice along the way. Working with Blue Chip Career is their way of giving back.

Blue Chip Career Guarantee

The road to one’s dream career is rockier than it has been in the past. Those with less experience may not get their foot in the same door that would have been open for them five years ago. With Blue Chip Career, they tell you what’s beyond that door and how you can get there. Their elite network of consultants makes it their goal to give you the tools needed to succeed. Their insight is potentially the missing piece in an otherwise stunted career or job search. To bolster any doubt that the time spent with their professionals is valuable, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Not that the need comes up to pay it.

My personal advice is when in doubt, aim higher. If you aren’t getting calls back for the analyst position, shoot for the senior analyst. If sending out resumes doesn’t work, then maybe it’s time to start being smarter about your search. Blue Chip Career offers that insight, and offers that connection. They’ll help you land interviews, and get the job that you’re looking for.

You only make the shots you take, said one thoughtful observer. You miss all the shots you don’t take, said another. And a final one duly noted- you miss some of the shots you take too. Blue Chip Career is down. We’d like to envision they found success elsewhere and are reclining with Mai Tais on a tropical island somewhere.

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