CosaNote: Accounting for your Goods

Keeping track of one’s possessions can be a real nuisance. Fortunately, most of the time you don’t have to give an accounting for your belongings. Large piles of stuff tends to accumulate over time. This is never more clear than when you move. People find things they forgot they had. Once they move they unpack it and in a short while it’s forgotten again.

Every once in a while the need will arise to demonstrate that you own something. For instance if your car is broken into and your cd collection is taken, it’s extremely helpful to have a record of every cd you own. Or if you purchase a new computer, or iGeek related product, keeping track of it could come in handy. CosaNote is a site that gives you the ability to track and document your every possession. This can be anything from your home, boat, car, shoes, or swag necktie.


CosaNote offers three levels of detail. First is the basic- adding the new item. The second is to track events associated with that item. These are when you buy or sell the item, or have it serviced, cleaned, or any other events. The third level is the providers that are associated with specific events.

Let’s say you have a new pool installed. The pool is the item. The installation will be the first event. Likely there will be multiple vendors associated with that event, all of which can be added. The next event is when the maintenance person comes out to fix the huge crack at the bottom because the installer did a shoddy job. Here you can track when and why the service was required and whether the issue was fixed. Over time, this record can be used to help identify quality providers. It can also be used when selling the house, or working through service issues with vendors.

It’s entirely up to the user to determine what level of detail they’d like to include. I have one friend who loves to catalog and document her life. Her career goal is to become a film archivist. (Please note, she is hands down the most productive person I know. We all fully expect her to become the most famous and successful person in our circle.) She retains receipts for her every possession, which span multiple rooms and multiple closets. She can tell you the history about her collectors items as well as the fair market value. For her, I’m sure she would document every detail of every item. Some of us would be content with a high level overview of our belongings. CosaNote provides the tools, the user can decide how detailed to be.

CosaNote My Property

CosaNote was designed with homes and properties in mind. It’s common for records of these types of possessions to be referenced at some point in the future. Having a home maintenance log when you’re putting your house up for sale can be a valuable negotiating tool. It gives the buyer assurance that you cared for the home they’re purchasing. It also documents what expenses they might expect. The benefits to documenting your possessions are to get organized, protect value, simplify maintenance, and extend the useful life.

Cosanote is a free, online home documentation and personal organization system. It makes it simple to organize and document your home and possesions. Although keeping track of everything you own can be tedious, if left unchecked, you’ll soon you have a huge pile of receipts. By getting organized one can both save money and help protect their assets.

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