Deal4Meals: Food for Thought

Eating out can be expensive. Somehow or another it always seems to add up to a minimum of $20, and oftentimes much more. Between a drink, side of this, extra slice of cheese, the price for dinning out can add up.

When a good deal comes along word of it usually spreads quickly. For instance everybody knows when Taco Bell offers a cheaper price on tacos. Or when Chevy’s offers half off margaritas or appetizers, people take note, and take advantage of the opportunity.


Deal4Meals is a site that keeps a running tab on the latest deals at restaurants. No longer do you need to rely on the latest updates from your friends or commercials. It tracks the cheapest deals in town so you know where to dine out on the cheap, and what to buy.

The concept behind Deal4Meals is fairly straightforward. They have a Meal of the Day highlighting one restaurant’s cheap specialty each day. Next are the Daily Deals, which consist of a series of meals, on any given day. Then there’s the Top 200, which lists each deal based upon its ranking by Deal4Meals’ users. There are a few ways to browse or search for deals. You can either browse by restaurant, or by the type of meal you’d like. The categories are appetizers, breakfast, lunch, dinner, with sit-down and fast food variations, and the health nut category as well. The advanced search functionality gives you the ability to select locations, category, type of food, price range, specific keywords, and whether to only check out healthy deals or not. There are no confirmed reports of anyone actually pressing the healthy deal option, but it’s nice to have there.

As of right now, Deal4Meals features well over 120 restaurants. It’s been rumored that in the near future restaurants are going to have the option to edit their own deal offerings. So, take for instance a restaurant that had a slow week. In a maniacal move, they log into their Deal4Meals account and announce a half off discount on their turnip pie. Within minutes, herds of rabbits, arrays of hedgehogs, and a gaggle of college students will show up at their door.

Deal4Meals offers a couple ways to stay up to date on the latest offers. They have an active Twitter following (@Deal4Meals), as well as an email list which you can sign up for on the home page. Users can vote on deals, polls, and leave comments all without having to log in or register.

Deal4Meals is a site that helps you find out about the best deals in town. There are no coupons to fuss with or special codes to enter. You just head on out to the latest deal and dine as you normally would. The multiple ways of searching and accessing the deals make it so that as the site grows, it will still be easy to find them. To the budget conscious diner, Deal4Meals offers the insight they need to find the best deals around.

  • Chris

    Great site and really helpful when your trying to go out to eat with friends

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