Dizeo: Safe Social Networking for Kids

Kids are bound to explore. That’s how they learn about the world around them. When they see what other kids are doing they want to get involved as well. If the big kids are riding bikes, they’ll want to ride bikes too. If everybody signs up for football, they will start talking about it constantly until they’re also allowed to play.

There’s a certain amount of risk in letting kids take on new hobbies though. They can fall and break a leg. Some of the kids they meet may be bullies, or not be very nice. Invariably they’ll get scrapped shins or wounded feelings as they venture into new endeavors.

One thing all kids will get involved in is the internet. Sometimes they will need it for school; more often they’ll want to connect with friends or view entertaining websites. When exploring the online world the stakes are much higher. Kids can be exposed to real threats, or they can be introduced to material that isn’t suitable for them. It’s all there at the click of a button.

Dizeo Home

A new site, Dizeo, offers a safe haven for kids as they venture onto the internet. Dizeo is a social network designed for kids 13 and younger, which is the cutoff line to join Facebook or other social networking sites.

Dizeo maintains its immaculate reputation of safety by monitoring every interaction on the site. Kids are able to connect with friends, send notes, post comments, and upload pictures and videos. Before any of these are posted online however, a moderator will have to approve them. This guarantees the environment will be safe for all children.

Dizeo doesn’t just offer social networking for children. It’s also a place for kids to get professional tutoring assistance with their homework. They can submit their questions and someone will typically respond within the hour. Tutors are available 8AM-12PM daily, UK time. When they’re done studying, they can check out the instruction videos on everything from learning how to play guitar to learning how to avoid cyber bullies. These videos are geared towards helping prepare you child for the real world.

True to its clientele, Dizeo’s look and feel fits that of growing young people. It gives them the option to change the background to many attractive styles, or upload their own. (As would be expected, background images are checked as well.) The DizTV section is a place for children to watch or upload videos. Then there’s the pool, where they can leave droplets. The pool can be equated to the wall in Facebook where (moderated) comments can be made for all their friends to see.

The moderators don’t only keep bad content or influences off the site. They also provide feedback for why something was rejected. This way your child will be learning proper behavior online. So, let’s say a child uploads a video that’s truly offensive. A moderator would not only block the video from being posted, but also let the child know why it was blocked.


The way to get started with Dizeo is for the parents to register for an account. They fill out all their information, and then create the profile for their child. As Dizeo is monitored by thoroughly screened staff, it is a paid service. An introductory promotion is currently ongoing where the first 1000 sign ups are free for a full three months. After that it’s £7 to £8 a month depending on contract length, with discounts for siblings. The registration includes all the basic information that would be expected as well as an emergency contact. This is so they know who to contact in case something occurs that the parent should be aware of. Dizeo’s service is available for families in the UK or Ireland.

Dizeo is a first of its kind website. The main social networks are unsuitable, and at times dangerous for young children. It offers safe social networking and homework help for children. This, on top of developing life skills, makes it the ideal place for kids to ease their way onto the internet.

Dizeo gave up its quest to create safe social networking for kids. Instead they’ve left kids to fend for themselves, out in the wild.

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