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Playing sports is a big part of many people’s lives. From an early age parents enroll their children in everything from soccer, to swim class, to softball. Sports come in seasons, and during those three to four months teams practice and compete together. In High School the stakes get even higher as more and more people come to watch the competitions. Many heroes are made during these contests, and the pain of defeat is severe.

Behind the height of the big game is an intense schedule of practice, training, and preparation. Coaches turn into impassioned leaders attempting to hone minds and bodies for battle. Invariably they want nothing more than to drive this year’s team to first place. In order to do so they must interact with league administrators, parents, field or venue owners, businesses and sponsors, the fans, and then finally, their team. This can only be described as a logistical nightmare.


Fortunately, we live in a day and age where connecting and organizing disparate groups is increasingly easy. FireField provides a set of tools to organize the entire system. In their own words it’s, “One central site for the management of all sports. Every player, every coach, every team, every game, every score, and most importantly, everything you need to make it happen.”

What that looks like is you can sign up for a free account as either a player, coach, parent, athletic director, league manager, business owner, or fan. From there each of these users can connect to the others online. For instance, a league manager can establish a little league schedule, and then put all the games and venues on the schedule. Then coaches from each of the teams can set up a practice schedule and invite all their players to join their team. The players will then sign up and stay connected with each other as well as seeing the latest schedule and news updates from the coach. Parents, fans, business owners can all indicate how they’re connected to the sporting teams as well. Once everyone signs up, it notifies you or displays upcoming events, the latest schedule, stats, and any other relevant information. I can only imagine the highs players will go on when someone they like signs up as one of their fans. Yet another part of the highs and lows of sports.

FireField doesn’t stop with facilitating the logistical flow of information. They also provide the ability to exchange money as well.  Most sports teams cost money to join. Many teams are also supported by donations. On top of that, oftentimes various equipment is recommended or required. FireField is integrated with Amazon so coaches or businesses can offer equipment to the teams. People can receive money for goods or services by creating a Seller Account and linking it to a bank account via Amazon. A full set of tutorials can be found here.

Creating a Team

Firefield can be considered akin to a Facebook designed specifically for sporting events. Each user is given a profile that can connect to the other entities. Only in this case, those connections are defined by your relationships in the sports world. On top of that, it can keep track of all your stats and scorecards. Lastly, the ability to handle registration, donations, and sale of merchandise is all facilitated by their integration with Amazon.

I recall back in the day, hearing coaches give inspiring speeches, envisioning each of us holding the trophy, and teaching us to dig deeper within ourselves. I had little appreciation for the long hours coaches and league officials spent organizing the leagues and teams that we so much enjoyed. Although it was a labor of love, I’m sure they sacrificed much to make it happen. With FireField managing your teams online, more time can be spent leading teams to victory and playing the sports they love.

Firefield completely rebranded and relaunched. This hometown sports central business went by the wayside.

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    I thought you would be interested that Firefield has released a brand new site. We appreciated your advice, and taking a step back made us realize that would could do some amazing things if FF became less specialized and not 100% sports focused. The result is pretty interesting, and I thought you might like to have a look:

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