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It’s always fun getting together with friends. In the fall people tend to have each other over to watch a football game, or enjoy a bbq if the weather’s still good. Of course there’s one feature of getting together with friends in the fall we’re all familiar with. It’s that the teachers of the group often bring their homework to grade. Teacher friends are constantly pouring over papers, marking them up, and spreading them out all over the floor. Meanwhile the rest of us cheer for the game or shoot the breeze.

Of course it’s nice to have them around, even if they’re grading the whole time. But this no longer need be the case. Grading Place is a new site that will take care of much of the grading needs of teachers. What Grading Place does is allow teachers to grade papers online. They can upload their completed homework assignments or tests, and within two days the graded results will be available online.

Grading Place

There are a few aspects to Grading Place that are worth nothing. First is they require (or strongly recommend) using a scanner with an Automatic Document Feeder. These are the type that you can place a stack of papers in and it will scan them all in one large batch. Next, Grading Place is only available for problems that have definitive answers. This includes True/False or Multiple choice questions, as well as those that have short (2-4 word) answers. The requirement here is that there must be an exact match for it to be graded. So open ended, subjective questions are out. An example of a question that wouldn’t work is, “Describe your experience at the last bbq now that you’re using Grading Place?” In this case everyone would unanimously say, “Awesome.” But since the question can have multiple correct answers it’s subjective, and wouldn’t be suited for Grading Place.

Using Grading Place is very straightforward. The first thing you do is set up your class. This entails entering the title of the class, say Math 101,  and then enter the students in that class. When you’re ready to grade papers for that class, just enter the name of the assignment, number of students who completed it, and number of problems. From there you upload the scanned completed assignments along with the answer key, sacrifice a chicken to a Hindu God*, and press Next. This brings up a confirmation page from which you can submit the assignment to be graded.

As advertised, two happy days later the results will be returned. The grades can be viewed online with the option to filter by assignment, by student, or by class. There’s also a graph that shows which problems students got wrong so it’s clear what topics need to be reviewed. All this information can be accessed online.

Grading Place Results

The cost of Grading Place is very reasonable. They have multiple plans ranging from $7/month for 2000 graded problems, to $25/month for unlimited access. Having the ability to get all your non subjective grading done for a mere $25 is the best bargain in town. It’s a small price to pay to recover the countless tedious hours lost due to grading.

As long as there are schools, there will be the need to grade papers. This monotonous chore has long taken away from the free time of teachers. Grading Place offers a simple and effective solution that can make teachers’ lives more enjoyable. It would be nice to see them around more often, even during the school year. Grading Place makes this possible.

* Please note, no chickens were harmed while conducting this review. Some were eaten for dinner however, but that doesn’t count because they tasted good.

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    i need an 100/00 on your test

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    what a weirdo nala you are weird but i wish you luck on your test hope you do good

  • Tony

    I am currently licensed to teach 7-12 Social Studies but could not find a teaching job. I am working full time, just in the education field but would be interested in some piece work as a grader. What companies hire people to grade these papers and how do I apply.

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