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Owning a website is like being in High School again. Everybody wants to know what everybody else is doing. Before too long site owners learn how to track everyone else’s stats. Occasionally I come across a site owner whose ranking supersedes mine. They waste no time in looking down their long nose in my general, pungent, direction. The other day one site owner gloated about having superior rankings to mine, but alas they were wrong. I quickly and somewhat politely pointed out the discrepancy.

One funny thing about being in competition with websites is that you aren’t actually at war with each other. Being ranked against other people tends to make you feel that way, but in reality any time I link to someone, they end up coming to my site. I know this because if someone places a link to my site, it doesn’t matter who they are; I’ll go to their site, search for the link, leave a comment, and vote their page up on social media sites. They are now my new best friend. For the next 3 minutes. Kind of like High School.

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Some facts about websites aren’t really of competitive consequence but still interesting to learn. For instance figuring out what service someone’s using to host a website can tell you more about them. Some will host their own site on one or more dedicated servers, others will have a virtual server, and still others will have a shared machine with many sites. Depending on which service is used can help you better understand a company that you’re doing business with. This service is provided by Hostlogr, a site that will report the host of other websites.

So naturally, I tested HostLogr out to see how it worked. Using it is simple; All you do is enter the domain in the search bar and it will return the hosting report page. The database stores well over a million sites’ information, and if it’s not in there, it will add the site entered as well. This all happens seamlessly in the background. The information displayed includes the website ISP, organization, hosting location and website IP address. It also brings up a map so you can visually see where the site is hosted. Beneath all this is a standard comment board, compliments of Disqus.

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Being a site owner opens up a whole new world of competition amongst professionals. Everyone’s trying to get ahead, and everyone’s trying to keep track of what their competition is doing. HostLogr is a free tool in your arsenal to glean a bit more information about a website.

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