iCouponOnline: Getting the Deals

There’s nothing like the word “Sale” to get people to show up at a store. Whenever huge red signs adorn store fronts proclaiming 40% discounts, in come the masses. Or then there are holiday sales such as the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas. These annual events are venerated rituals for many. And when people come home from a shopping spree they’ll sometimes brag about how much they spent. More often however, they’ll boast about how much they saved.

Many discounts can be found online. In fact, I no longer pay full price for domain names. For whatever reason I always think to search online for the best deals when it comes to registering a new URL. But what of all the other purchases I make, either on or offline? For these I usually pay the asking price and go about my business. As it turns out, I’ve been paying too much. And likely, so have you. But this no longer need be the case. Helping shoppers find the latest discounts is iCouponOnline. They’re a new online outlet for coupons, discounts, and sales.


iCouponOnline offers three ways to save money. The first is the Daily Deal. A new prenegotiated discount is offered every day. The deal of the day contains all the information you’d like to know including an overview of the deal, information about the company, reviews about the company, and the terms. There’s no lengthy legalese or fine print to sift through. The next way to save money are online coupon codes. These are codes that can be readily redeemed when making online purchases. For instance, when I purchase a new domain name I take my handy discount code, enter it in while checking out, and presto, I’ve saved some money. The third offering from iCouponOnline are local coupons. They’ve negotiated hundreds of deals with local restaurants and businesses which can be readily searched though. The current locales include San Diego, San Jose, Phoenix, Boston, New York, Dallas, Chicago, and Orange County. New areas are targeted for expansion in the near future. There’s also the option to have the deals emailed to you.

At its core iCouponOnline is a store where you purchase discounts. What this means is that you find the discount you want, add it to the shopping cart, and then pay for it. A few days later the deal arrives in the mail in the form of a voucher or discount card which can then be redeemed at the store. The deals that can be purchased online include the local deals or daily deals. The Coupon Codes are either links to the sites that contain discount instructions, or have the codes you can enter when checking out.

So, imagine a scenario where I’m writing a review on a coupon website, and happen to be hungry at the time. Then it just so happens that the deal of the day is two pizzas for $10.99. To get these pizzas, all I need to do is forget about my diet, and click on the buy button. From there it prompts you to registration and proceed to the payment and checkout page. Once purchased, the waistline killing document will find its way to my home so I can redeem it. One thing about iCouponOnline is that their deals are 50-95% off. True to their word, so are these pizzas. The original asking price is $300, and with the deal of the day discount of $289, it’s a complete bargain. Perhaps this is worth a slight chuckle, but it’s still a great deal on pizza. (Fortunately, they offer gym membership deals too!)


iCouponOnline offers the best daily deals online. From their local daily deals, to their online coupon codes, to the deal of the day, they provide multiple ways to save money. The deals can make great gifts as well as a new way to shop. Whenever you start thinking about purchase, a quick search of iCouponOnline will bring up the same products or services for a discount. Everyone loves a sale, as everyone loves to save money. iCouponOnline brings the sales and brings the saving, to you.

Looks like iCouponOnline became a subsidiary of DiscountCoupon. It’s looks like a modified version of getting discounts. Keep on keeping on fine friends from iCouponOnline.

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    I’ve actually used this website before! I’m going to buy all this stuff anyway. Might as well save money through these guys.

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