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There are many job skills that aren’t taught in school. From working with other employees to learning how to succeed in a corporate atmosphere, some things you don’t find out until you’re at work. Learning these can come to a big shock to new employees.

One task that comes up every single day is managing one’s email. It’s a daily chore that all office workers must face. Few people are ready for the challenge however. Now, most people know the basics of email etiquette prior to getting a job. The issue is with the scale of how much email you’re required to keep track of. Oftentimes in an office settings people like to cover their tracks so they won’t be accused of wrongdoing. As a result they copy anybody and everybody on their emails. The end result is that email management sometimes entails keeping track of hundreds of emails on a daily basis.Lookeen DemoSome employ the strategy of keeping everything in their inbox. That way at least it’s all in the same folder. Others will dutifully and meticulously organize it into separate folders. Whatever the case, email management is learned on the job, often with little training.

The email application of choice for businesses is Microsoft Outlook. It does many things well including allowing multiple ways to store your emails. They can be stored locally or archived onto external servers. Sometimes Exchange servers are set up and public and private folders as well. These all come in handy when it comes to storing your email. One blaring shortcoming of Outlook is its search utility. It is limited to searching one email storage location at a time. For most practical purposes, Outlook’s search utility is useless.

Filling in the void where Microsoft left off is Lookeen. It’s an add-in extension for Outlook that provides the search capabilities you need to find your emails. In a nutshell it indexes and then is able to search all your mail stores, regardless of location or type. It can be downloaded, installed, and then will appear as a toolbar within your Outlook application. During setup Lookeen will index all your email stores. Once this is done it will be continually updated as new email enters your inbox. The basic email usage for Outlook doesn’t change. When searching for an email just type in the search term in Lookeen’s toolbar as you normally would. A preview of the search results is similar to Outlook and highlights the search term.

Lookeen Search

It comes with a variety of impressive features including saving search queries for reuse, use of jointly used indices for searching public folders, and an analytics tool for advanced email discovery. The shared index ability is the central indexing of jointly used Outlook data. This will occur when a company has shared public folders. The main benefit is that your search index will be in one location, rather than each individual user having a separate search index on their computer. The analytics tool will track email trends so you can find out who’s sending you the most amount of email, how quickly are emails being processed, and other important information.

Lookeen isn’t limited to searching Outlook email. It will also search your attachments, appointments, tasks, notes and contacts. The attachments it can search include PDFs, and all common office application formats- Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. Lookeen is also able to search your desktop as well.

Lookeen’s basic product is for individual use. It comes with a 14 day free trial to ensure you’re satisfied prior to purchasing. There are also Enterprise solutions that allow system administrators to set it up globally, and bulk discounts.

Inbox management is a fact of life. Microsoft Outlook will likely continue to be the email tool of choice for businesses. As such, it’s critical to learn how to manage and find your emails. With Lookeen, this can be done simply and efficiently so that you can find the emails you want, when you need them.

  • Felix


    Great review of a really nice piece of software. I’ve been working with Lookeen fo about a year now, and really can say it’s worth the small investment. It truly speeds up your search for email or other Outlook items and therefor enhances your workflow. I can totally recommend it and all who need to deal with a large amount of emails should give it a look…

    Best regards and fast searching :)

  • Alessandra

    Lookeen has been completely redesigned and is now called Lookeen 8!

    – Lookeen 8 is already seamlessly integrated into the Office 2013 beta.
    – Is of course compatible with Windows 8.
    – Real-time indexing immediately adds new information to the search index.
    – Uninterrupted use of the index by new innovative hybrid indexing.
    – Integration of Group Policies: administrators can adapt Lookeen to nearly every possible system.

    Anyone can try the full version of Lookeen 8 for free! https://lookeen.com/download.html


    1. Steve

      Congratulations on the latest updates! Always nice to hear about your successes. =)

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