Numote: The New Remote

Watching TV can become an endless episode of switching through the channels. Unless an interesting program is on people will click through the stations until (hopefully) they get up and do something productive. We’ve all done this, slowly fighting the notion that there’s just nothing on at the moment. It’s a mark of true¬†resilience¬†to finally hit the off button and do something more socially redeeming.

Replacing the isolated experience of clicking through the channels alone is Numote. They provide an iPhone app that will transform your TV watching experience into a shared experience with friends. By downloading their free app you gain access to polls, quizzes, gossip and interactive ads that relate back to what’s on the screen.


Numote works by monitoring what you and your friends watch. Based upon this information it can pick the best choice of shows out of the hundreds currently on. It’s been dubbed a social remote control.

“Numote has built an ecosystem for TV fans, making it even easier for fans to show their love for their favorite characters and shows.” – Founder Vijay Kailas

So let’s envision the Numote experience. First, you and your friends all download the free app. (It’s coming soon to the Droid as well.) From there you connect with your friends, and get recommendations on shows. You can create polls for shows, or take them. You also have the ability to keep track of the latest gossip, news, and information about the celebs on the screen.

Numote screenshot

The Numote experience makes watching TV at home a fun and interactive experience. They sort through the hundreds of channels to offer smart recommendations as well as recommendations offered by friends. The remote control that has become a symbol of watching TV alone, is finally being replaced. In its steed is Numote’s social remote control, making watching TV a fun and interactive experience.

Numote left the building. We’ll leave this here as a reminder of its forgotten efforts.

  • tony

    I wish I had this for when I watched Glee today

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