PhotoLinkage: Staying Connected Through Pictures

When the internet first became popular it was a forum for exchanging information. People would use it to find the latest news and exchange rudimentary messages with each other. This happened via consoles that only the most Star Trek oriented people could understand.

As time has progressed, the internet has grown to be accessible to the rest of us. We can now share and access just about anything online. People buy cars, houses, meet friends, and can learn how to train their cat. There’s one steady backbone of the net that will never get old though. Photo sharing. From the time the first image was shared online, until now, people have long enjoyed posting and sharing pictures on the internet.


Entering the scene of online photo sharing sites is PhotoLinkage. It’s a new photo sharing website that provides a unique angle for sharing photos and connecting with friends.

The first thing to learn about PhotoLinkage is their term for “friends.” It’s ULink. They go by this because you have the opportunity to “link” photos with other people and you can also be “linked” as friends. ULinks can leave comments on each other’s photos or send each other messages.

Once you’ve registered for an account you can find some ULinks, and begin uploading photos. This is done by creating albums, giving them a category and title, and then uploading photos to them. Albums also have the ability to add ULinks so they’ll be linked to those photos. The album can be updated at anytime and pictures can be added later as well. By default all pictures are visible to everyone but you have the ability to limit it to just your ULinks.

Accounts come in two flavors- personal and business. Currently these are both free. The business accounts give people a few more options to describe their enterprise. All these can be updated during registration and via the settings.

One interesting feature about PhotoLinkage is the profile page. As would be expected it has a default pic, lists of albums, activity history, and all your ULinks. What I liked about it was the Daily Photo though. This is like posting your daily status, but with a photo. So if you’re feeling happy you can upload a pic that shows that. Or if you’re ready for the party, you can upload a pic with your latest party swag on. It’s a way you can let people know how you’re feeling that day, visually.

photolinkage profile

Now most sites that involve pictures have something I’ll refer to as, “old man in a white tee shirt syndrome.” For whatever reason, the creepy guys of the web all seem to have the same uniform. PhotoLinkage has yet to succumb to such a fate. In fact many of its users are young women, ranging from stunning to downright breathtaking. It was a bit distracting, um, reviewing the site. I never thought I’d like the ULink feature so much. For testing purposes only, of course.

PhotoLinkage is a new photo sharing website that allows you to connect with your friends through photos. You can upload all your albums, share them with others, and connect with people via the ULink tool. The daily photo is a good way to stay in touch with people since you can tell how they’re feeling from the pictures they upload.

We all know that as long as the web’s around there will be pictures to adorn it. Sharing photos with PhotoLinkage is a great way to stay up to date with your friends. And its early adopters, well, they’re just very easy on the eyes.

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