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Everyone’s idea of beauty varies. To the miner, beauty may come in the form of a particularly promising vein of quartz. To the kite surfer a strong, steady wind is what they’re looking for. To the musician, it’s just the music.

Today I found the tune for my song, wind for my kite, vein of quartz for my gold mine. And it came in the form of a particularly well designed website. Sensational Jobs.

Senstational Jobs
The concept behind Sensational Jobs is very straightforward. It’s a job board geared towards web professionals. Employers can post full time or freelance jobs, and job seekers can search them to find a good match for their skills.

Sensational Jobs has many stand out qualities. Their jobs are posted on their website, on widgets via their affiliate program, sent out on Twitter, RSS feeds, and targeted email alerts. From a job poster’s standpoint, what this means is that jobs posted are distributed to a targeted but broad audience so they’re likely to find a quality candidate. From the job seeker’s standpoint it means they have multiple venues to receive notifications about the latest jobs. Job posters can choose either the basic option, or upgrade to have their posting highlighted, and or listed at the top of the search results.

So, let’s say for instance a Python expert is just out of grad school and looking for work. (I have a soft spot for Python geeks, as Python was the first language where Object Oriented Programming finally made sense to me.) With Sensational Jobs they have the following options. First they can type in “Python” in the Live Job Search box. The search results will appear on the page. These can then be filtered by Full-Time, Freelance, or All Jobs. After reading through the summaries they can either click on the job itself for details, or click on the star to add it to their favorites. In this case, our Python guru favorites three to four jobs, and then clicks on the favorites link to read through each one individually. Each job description page has a series of options. They can add or remove it from their favorites, Tweet the job, share it via email, flag it for indecency, (what if it was really a Perl job?), and then a private notes tool. The private notes are an inline notepad for typing one’s thoughts about the job. For instance you can make a note to yourself about how far the company is, or if it fits most of your criteria. After some due diligence, our Python guru can apply for the jobs of their choosing and go about their day.

But, let’s say they didn’t find a job that fit their needs and would like to continue their search. In this case they can click on the Alerts link. Here they can type in their keyword, “Python”, and any others that they would like as well. Then they can select either email or RSS alerts. This will  set up custom streams of job openings that will be sent out as new jobs are posted.

The beauty of Sensational Jobs comes in the implementation. On many websites, functions like writing private notes, signing up for custom alerts, and adding and removing favorites, often require registering. Not so the case with Sensational Jobs. Information is stored locally with browser cookies so that the user can readily use the site. The other elegant part about the site is the ease of navigation. They used what I will deem an appropriate amount of jQuery to improve access to just about everything. As mentioned on the About page, they made a concerted effort to make usability a priority while still offering a rich and powerful set of features. In my view, they very much succeeded.

Sensational Jobs also has an attractive affiliate program, where you can place their widget on your site. They give 50% commission for jobs posted through your site. They also have a 100% money back, no questions asked guarantee. So, if you’re a job poster and don’t find the talent you were expecting, just let them know and they’ll return your funds. The site’s free for job seekers.

Affiliates Sensational Jobs
The Affiliate Program Widget

Sensational Jobs is a new job board, and one which will attract top talent. The ease of filtering for jobs, note taking capabilities, and favorites functions, are helpful and well thought out. The targeted notification options bring the job search to you. Most of all, Sensational Jobs’ design raises the bar for both job seekers and employers alike. Thus, making it the ideal forum for them to meet.

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