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SEOprofiler: Intelligent Backlinks

Building a website is a complex task. It takes years of study, practice, and an inherent natural talent to piece it all together. A web dev team needs to encompass functional designers, graphic designers, server site coders, client side coders, database experts, and sys admins. You also have to be a third class dark wizard. Amusingly, the job posts for web developers often read as follows: “Wanted, Ninja Guru Coder.”

But let’s say a company is fully staffed with a team of ninja programmers. At the end of the day they’ll produce a very slick website. That nobody will know about. The adage, “if you build it they will come” does not apply to the internet. As soon as a website goes online, the long and nebulous process of internet marketing begins.

SEO Profiler Ranking Checker

The world of Search Engine Marketing (SEO) is cloudy and mysterious. It consists of many ‘experts’ who promise higher rankings and more traffic. At the heart of the SEO world are backlinks and keywords. Backlinks are when someone posts a link on their website that directs back to your own. Having multiple contextually relevant backlinks has two main advantages. First, they give visitors of other websites the opportunity to find yours. Second, they’re one of the primary ways search engines base your ranking on. Keywords are what users type into search engines when searching the web. They’re important because whichever site comes up first when a keyword is typed in, wins.

To complexify matters not all backlinks are created equal. Sites that are highly trafficked and have a high page rank, provide quality backlinks. New sites’ backlinks are of little value. Also confusing is selecting the right keywords for marketing campaigns. Some key phrases are grossly impacted while others are prime for targeted marketing. When looking at the arduous task of generating traffic to a new site, it doesn’t take long before a dull gloom settles over the team of ninjas.

Providing key insight into this world of backlinks and keywords is SEOprofiler. SEOprofiler is your complete SEO solution. It provides a wealth of tools and insight into your search ranking so you can improve it. A full list of their offering can be found here including Ranking Monitor, Ranking intelligence, AdWords intelligence, Website audit, Link analysis, Link building, Website optimization, Keyword research, Website monitoring, Social media, and full reporting. Their tools cover everything you need for a successful SEO campaign.

One feature that makes SEOprofiler stand out is the depth to which they scour the web. Their own team of Chuck Norris style coders set up a complex array of servers to search the web for backlinks and associated information. Based upon these results SEOprofiler provides both lists of links associated with a site along with detailed reports. They categorize and prioritize all the incoming links to your site. It quickly becomes clear where the low hanging fruit is to build up your site’s popularity with search engines.

Hub Finder

A few of my other favorite features are HubFinder and Link Opportunity finder. These identify sites that link to your competitors, and also sites that have related themes to yours. These sites are more likely to link back to you when you contact them.

On the other side of links are keywords. In order for a campaign to be successful you need to spend some time selecting the right keywords to focus on. SEOprofiler offers keyword research tools that help you hone in on the right keywords for your business. You can readily track the keywords your competitors use and find which ones will give you the best ROI.

SEOprofiler provides a powerful set of SEO tools to gather information about your company as well as your competition. It gives site owners the ability to check backlinks, get suggestions on link building, and much more. Their complete set of keyword tools give you the ability to find the keywords that will bring you the most traffic. The vast set of options and features make SEOprofiler the application of choice for serious web marketing teams.

When the ninjas finish their work, the web marketers take over. With SEOprofiler, site owners can see where their links are coming from, gain insight about their competitors’ link structures, and learn how to outrank them.

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