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The great thing about the internet is that you can find anything. It’s an encyclopedia of information. It’s a repository of videos, images, stories, stores, and everything in between. Not to mention the news and places online that we all use to stay in contact with friends.

Sometimes you find things online you’d like to keep. Maybe it’s a picture, an interesting article, a song, or a movie. Articles you can print on paper or save to your hard drive. But songs and movies aren’t always as easy to access. There are various sites that allow you to capture movies and songs, but they’re all lacking in some regard or another. Some bombard with you tons of ads. Others require you to sign up and then send you an indefinite stream of junk mail.

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Now there’s an easy and effective way to convert movies to audio, video, or even images. Bender Converter is a site where you can enter the link to the movie you’d like to convert, select the format you’d like output, and then download it. It doesn’t require you to enter an email address and it worked exactly as expected.

There are three fascinating aspects about Bender Converter- the video sources it accepts, the formats it converts to, and its search capability. It accepts videos from the following sites:

  • (liveshows not supported)

On top of listing what sites Bender Converter accepts, some of these might give you new and interesting places to look for cool videos. Once you find your video you can convert it to any of the following formats. Note that it will convert to three distinctly different formats: video, audio, or images.

  • MP3 Audio (.mp3)
  • Waveform Audio (.wav)
  • Flash Video (.flv)
  • Video for Phone (.3gp)
  • AVI Video (.avi)
  • QuickTime Movie for Mac (.mov)
  • MPEG Video (.mpeg)
  • Windows Media Video (.wmv)
  • GIF Animation (.gif)
  • Shots (2 frames / sec) (.jpeg)
  • Shots (5 frames / sec) (.jpeg)
  • iPod / PSP / iPhone Movie (.mp4)

Once you enter the URL and format, you press the convert button to start the process. When the conversion is done you click the download button and presto, you have your video.

The third area of interest is the search functionality. Let’s say you need a video for a project but just aren’t sure which one to use. Bender Converter provides a search tool where you can search for the ideal video.  For this example I picked the only movie character that really matters- Doc Holliday from Tombstone. Up comes all the videos where Doc’s name is featured. It displays the number of views, duration, and a preview button so you can check it out before converting the video. Once you find the one you’re looking for, you can select the format you want from the drop down menu and press the download button.

BenderConverter Search

Bender Converter puts some limitations on its free access. These include a maximum of two conversations a day, leaving watermarks on the animated gif conversions, and a few other limitations. To register it costs anywhere from $8/month to $59 for the entire year. Registering gives you unlimited access and top quality conversions. Of particular interest, they utilize Avangate to manage the payment transaction. Avangate is set up to accept any of the following payment options.

  • PayPal
  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • JCB
  • Maestro
  • Solo
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Cheque
  • Phone Order
  • Fax Order
  • ACH
  • Wire Transfer
  • Purshase Order
  • Paysafe Card
  • WebMoney payments made through Avangate B.V. using their secure HTTPS protocol

I’m fairly certain that once you sign up two guys show up at your door with dark sunglasses wanting more information on your money laundering operation.

Bender Converter is an easy to use site for converting and downloading your favorite movies. The process is intuitive and simple. One note worth mentioning, Bender Converter’s terms of use make it clear they don’t condone the misuse of copyrighted material. Given the recent legal turmoil over such issues it’s best to be respectful of ownership rights. Once you do find a video that is both legal and you’d like to download, Bender Converter is the place to go.

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