Niggle It: A Timely Reminder

Warranties, receipts, documentation- let’s face it, nobody likes keeping track of them. Sure there are exceptions, like those with serious accounting tendencies. Every time we get a new cell phone, buy a car, purchase a new set of speakers, we enter into mini contracts which have binding consequences.

The most common contract is a warranty. Some products are covered for a few months, others are covered for years. Then there’s the infamous cell phone contract complete with its early termination fees. These fees’ legality is contested and in some cases deemed illegal. Keeping track of when warranties expire and when cell phone contracts are up can be tedious. Many just throw away the original receipts and don’t worry about it. Some put them in a file which is immediately forgotten.

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Knowing when contracts and warranties expire can save you money and hassle. Now there’s a way to track this information so that you’ll be reminded before the contract runs out. Niggle It, is a site where you can enter all your receipts, warranties, and contracts, and it will remind you when they’re about to expire.

The core concept behind Niggle It is to enter the basic information, upload images of the receipt or contract, and then not worry about it until far into the future. The data you can enter is:

  • Item Type. This is either a product or a contract.
  • Manufacturer. Such as Nikon Apple, Subaru. Or Ferrari.
  • Model. Enzo, of course.
  • What you Call it. This is the name you know your item by, if needed. In this case it’s, My other car.
  • Purchase Price
  • Purchase date
  • Warranty length
  • Notes. Here you can add any other notes.
  • Tax deductible. If this box is check then Niggle It will automatically send you a list of the items that are tax deductible at the end of the year.

Once it’s saved you can upload documents for your Niggle. These are most typically receipts, contracts, or warranties. Essentially, Niggle It tracks warranties and agreements so they’re easy to look up the terms of your purchase.


A full list of suggested services or products that can be Niggled includes:

  • Your assets
  • Warranties and extended warranties
  • Insurance policies
  • Telecommunication agreements, landline, mobile phones and internet connections
  • Utilities, electricity, gas, water supply and waste disposal
  • Contracts with services providers for IT hardware and software, cleaning, maintenance, stationery, kitchen supplies, web hosting, domain registration and other services
  • Contracts with customers for products or services you provide
  • Business name registration
  • Tax deductible receipts and invoices.

The way Niggle It works is once the contract is about to expire it sends you a notice letting you know. This can be an email or a text. So if your cell phone contract is about to expire it will send you a notice alerting you that you’re free to find a new carrier. Or if your car is about to go out of warranty it will remind you so you can make sure it’s working as desired before it’s too late. Here’s the full FAQ.

Niggle It is accessible from mobile phones as well. The first is their iPhone app. Here you can submit Niggles via the iPhone. Just enter the key information, take a photo of the contract if you like, and then submit it. More details can be filled out online later. For those who have a smart phone, but not an iPhone, they can submit niggles by email. Just take a picture of it and send an email to a specific Niggle It email address. The subject will become the item name and the rest of the details can be filled in online.

Niggle It iPhone AppNiggle It’s warranty and contract reminder service keeps track of your documents so you can find them when you need them. It’s easy to use and simple to set up. In a sense it’s just like putting  contracts and receipts in a file.  Except they’re  accessible when you need them and you’re reminded when you need to be.

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