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Going to parties is a lot of fun. There’s music, food, drinks, and hopefully dancing. When a good party’s going on people call their friends and let everybody know about it. But once the party’s over the quest begins to find the next one. Sometimes there’s not a lot going on, or nobody’s heard where people are going that night.

Now there’s a way to find what parties are going on when you want them. PartyTell is a site that let’s clubs promote their parties so people can readily find them. DJs, promoters, and musicians can in turn list their services so they can be hired to assist.

PartyTell Home

PartyTell’s basic usage is for clubs and businesses to submit their party details which are then broadcast through PartyTell’s system. There are three packages available, Bronze, Silver, and Golden. The Bronze package lists the party info on PartyTell’s site. Silver lists it on their site as well as promotes the party on their Facebook and Twitter pages. The Golden package does all of the above and also prints 500 flyers for you. As of right now both Bronze and Silver packages are free. The Golden is $115. The distinction between Bronze and Silver is how widely you’d like you’re party to be promoted. If you don’t want it sent out to Twitter and Facebook, then go with the Bronze.

The Twitter followings of PartyTell are configured by state with separate Twitter accounts for each state. The site gives you the ability to see how many people are following each account, and also how many people visit the site from those states as well. This gives you a feel for how many people will be hearing about the parties. For instance, California’s stats can be found here.

When posting a party PartyTell collects the following information: name, business/company, name of venue, title of party, age limit, hosted by, DJ’ed by, celebrity guests, descrition, upload a flyer image, and then all the standard 411 information so people know when and where to go. The flyer will be displayed on PartyTell’s site, and printed if a club buys the golden package. Once posted, parties are listed online in a searchable directory. People can search for parties by city and state.

PartyTell pricing

PartyTell allows clubs to be listed even if an event isn’t currently being promoted. It collects basic information as well as the type of club. Club types include all the nightlife options, from bars to casinos to comedy clubs. Once submitted they can be searched by city, state, as well as club type. This gives party goers another venue to find places to go.

On top of allowing clubs to announce their parties or list their sites, PartyTell hosts a directory for DJs, promoters, and musicians. Here those that are ready to help bring the party together can offer their services. It’s a directory submission service similar to listing parties or clubs. In this case it collects basic contact info, service offered, and description. These can then be readily searched with contact info is listed on the site. Clubs can easily find people to make their event happen.

PartyTell is the place to go to find out about upcoming parties. Users can find the info on the site or follow them on the Twitter account for their state. Clubs will use it as a free way to let everyone know about the events they’re planning. DJs, promoters, and musicians can use it to promote their skills and get some extra work. PartyTell is  recently launched service, but it’s the site to watch when it comes to finding out about parties.

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