Phanoto: Sports fan photo bonanza

Hear ye, Hear ye. Sports fans, gather around. Get your hot dogs, get your programs. Bring your cameras. We’re going to the game.

Baseball games, football games, hockey and more- many of us love watching these contests. And there’s nothing like going out to watch your team play. The smell of the grass, the buzz of the crowd, the smell of the smelly guy next to you. It’s what makes sporting events memorable.


Fans get crazy about their teams. Green Bay packer fans are renowned for their frozen body paint antics. Raider’s fan are good for a riot or two after a particularly devastating loss. And the Florida Marlins are happy if and when their sole fan shows up. When we’re at these games we often take pictures. Maybe it’s of the stadium. Maybe we had just the right angle on a catch. More often we take shots of ourselves posing with friends around the ball park.

Now there’s a way to share your sporting event experience through photos. Phanoto is a new site that connects fans of the same team and allows them to upload their shots of the game.

The concept behind Phanoto (Phan Photo) is that you select your favorite teams, and then Check-in on game day to participate in the photo exchange. During the game people can chat, leave comments on photos, or upload and view photos.

The pictures are divided into multiple categories including Amusing Photos, Sports Celebs and Me, Sexy Phans, Drunk Phans, Super Phans, Phan Photos, and then Competitions. When users upload a photo they select the team the photo’s associate with and then the category. Most categories are self explanatory. The Sexy Phans is PG-13 for anyone’s who’s curious. Phan Photos are for all photos that don’t fit into a different category. Sports Celebs and Me is just that, taking a pic with you and the demagogues from the field. Competitions are entirely different. It’s a Photoshop competition that’s not associated with any particular team. Here people can upload their best alteration of original photos, which is always an amusing exercise. Currently the competitions are for Lebron James, Peyton Manning, Shaq, and some other guy.

The sports that are followed are MLB, NBA, NFL, and a few others that don’t really matter that much including NHL, NCAA Football, and NCAA Hockey. OK, we’ll take college football, but noticeably absent is college hoops. March Madness anyone? I’m sure it’s on the docket. Phanoto was recently launched so I’m sure over time they’ll add more leagues.

At Phanoto, game day is what it’s all about. Everyday Phanoto lists the teams that are playing. You can click a team to checkin. If you aren’t already a fan then it will prompt you to become one. Here fans can share the game with others while the action unfolds.

Pujols hitting

Let’s say your team isn’t playing at the moment and you’re fresh out of Netflix. Phanoto also has a Trending Now section which includes all the action from all teams. It’s like the ultimate channel surfing tool since you can see glimpses of all games from one panel. You can also view just the updates on your teams as well. And if the ongoing games aren’t enough to keep you occupied, you can always check out the archives. Here the Phanotos from games past are saved for posterity.

Phanoto is one of those sites that make you wonder why they didn’t build it before. People love the passion and frenzy of being at a ball game. Some networks prompt users to submit their pictures after the game. With Phanoto all photos can be found and shared in one place. And you might even make a few new friends.

Phanoto has become Phan-no-no. It fought the good fight and died a valiant and noble death. Or at least it died somehow or another. We’d like to think valiantly.

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