RecreateMyNight: Reliving Good Times

Every once in a while you go out with friends and create a memory that you know will last. Maybe it’s the random people you met. Or perhaps it’s the stupid things you said. Sometimes you get roped into playing guitar for your friends and end up putting on an impromptu concert. From birthdays to weddings, parties or shows- these are all full of memories.

Of course everybody brings their own camera to record these events. Some people take pictures throughout the night. Others leave the picture taking to the experts. Then there’s always Susy who takes so many pictures you’d think she was creating a documentary. Whatever the case may be at the end of the night, as people are saying goodbye, they always say they’ll upload their pictures to Facebook. In the days and weeks to come pics and video from the great time you had surface on the web. They appear on various people’s walls at different times. Some remember to tag people, others forget and you never see them. Before too long the great night you all shared becomes scattered in various corners of the web.

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RecreateMyNight is a site that allows you to gather all these pics, videos, and memories in one location. It connects with Facebook, and collects all the digital media from a single event. It also is able to import videos from YouTube and Vimeo. RecreateMyNight is the central location for all people to meet and share their comments, pics, and memories, online.

RecreateMyNight is a simple app. There’s no need to register as it uses Facebook authentication to log in. Once logged in you select the date of the event you’d like to recreate on the calendar. To help you it displays the number of events, wall posts, photos, and videos that appear in your Facebook account for that date. Then you hit the Recreate My Night button.

There are a few options in recreating your night. These include:

  • Night Summary. This is the time and date, description and location.
  • Add photos. Any photos from your profile can be added.
  • Add videos. You can import them from Facebook or from YouTube and Vimeo as well. For the latter two you just copy and paste the video url and RecreateMyNight will display it.
  • Who was There. Here you add your friends who made it out. Once you add friends they can then upload photos and video too.
  • The Night Log. This is equivalent to your own mini wall for RecreateMyNight. It’s a place all your friends can make their comments about the night.

When editing the night details there’s the option to adjust who can view and who can contribute. Contributing rights can be limited based upon any of the following:

  • Logged in users
  • My Friends
  • Only Me.

Viewing rights can be set to all of the above, or it can also be made public to everyone on the web.

RecreateMyNight Profile

The ease of recreating a night is the standout feature of the application. Setting up a night and selecting the photos is seamless. It loads all your pics, which are sortable by album, and you click the ones you want. It’s the same with the videos and when adding friends. Photos and videos can be given descriptions and as date and time if you like.

RecreateMyNight captures all the digital memories from special events. All the pictures, all the people, and all the videos can be gathered to one place. The comment board gives you the chance to add some context, or more likely, banter about the various events. It’s kind of amazing that for all the event invites people send out there’s been no real way to capture what occurred during those events. With RecreateMyNight these events can be captured, and memories immortalized forever.

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