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Earlier this year I helped out at a fundraiser to save the Tuolumne River System. Kayakers started in Yosemite and kayaked, in sections, to the San Francisco Bay. Our job was to cheer them in for the final leg of their journey. There were raffles, candies, vendors, all sorts of food, and a band. All this was entertaining, but what was the most most sought after item, (other than the food)? The stickers. The band members threw them on their guitar cases. Kids took them for there lockers or school notebooks. I grabbed one for my sticker wall.

Now there’s a way to create your own custom stickers online. In fact all your sticker needs can be handled in one place. StickerYou. StickerYou allows you to create stickers either with their graphics or by uploading your own. They provide the best- high-quality, removable, die-cut, vinyl stickers. Die-cut means the sticker is smoothly cut to the shape of the graphic, creating truly custom stickers.

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StickerYou works by giving users an 8.5″ x 10.5″ sheet to create a page of stickers on. You can upload images or use their images, backgrounds, shapes, themes, or ready made stickers. Then you can drag and drop them onto the page and arrange or resize them as desired. The ready made images allow you to change the color and adjust other options. A lot can be done with the sticker maker tool, including combining a series of graphics and forming a single sticker. So, let’s say you’re a soccer and football fan. You can take an image of a soccer ball and a football, put your school logo on it, add a caption, and voilĂ , you now have a custom sticker.

There’s one feature worth highlighting- the fillable object feature. This is where you can take an existing image and click on the ‘make it a fillable object’ button. It will then make part of the graphic transparent. From there you can drag and drop a background which blends the original sticker design with the new texture of the background. See my Ghostbuster image below for an example. Notice the ghost on the bottom right. I superimposed the brick background, replacing the normal solid red. The Ecto-1 text also has its original coloring replaced with the happy rays of sunshine. The fillable objects function makes for some neat effects.


The sticker making tool doesn’t require you to log in to create a page of stickers. People can create their custom stickers just by navigating to the site and using the tool. In order to purchase the stickers you register and pay a nominal $7/page fee plus shipping. Volume discounts are available and promo codes are starting to make their way around the web. You just have to know where to look.

StickerYou also has a complete affiliate program. Anybody who would like to put the sticker maker tool on their site is more than welcome to do so. In a world where the web all starts to seem the same, having a sticker maker is pretty nifty I must say. It also gives the option to make additional royalties on content sales from your own sticker store. There are a couple options, with details to be found here.

So who would use StickerYou to make custom stickers? Bands, businesses, kids in school, people wanting to create something memorable for an event or party- just about anyone who likes stickers would be a candidate. Custom labels, name tags, or even CD/DVD labels are all readily available. I must say I didn’t resist the opportunity. My logo stickers are designed, ordered, and in the mail.*

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StickerYou is a ground breaking tool in the sticker world. Its ease of use to create custom, top quality stickers makes it unrivaled in its functional design. The final product is second to none as they provide best of brand quality.

Stickers are fun. Making them is even more fun. With StickerYou, you can create custom stickers for every memory, and labels for every need. Their personalized stickers are sure to be a popular find for many.

* As scheduled, the stickers I ordered arrived. They were everything I expected them to be!

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