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TodaysDOD: The Ultimate Deals

Everybody loves buying things on sale. I know I look forward to the Big 5 Father’s day sale since I can get top brand Asics for $30 to $40. Well, to be honest, that’s about the extent of my shopping sales awareness. But I know there are people out there that are excellent at honing in on the right deals at the right time. They search the web or sift through mailers to find out about the latest bargains.

Finding the best deals just got easier. Today’s Deals of the Day ( is a new site that aggregates the latest deals. Throughout the web are various stores that provide a new deal every single day. And instead of having to go to each one of these separate sites, TodaysDOD will go there for you.

Today's Deals of the Day

The way it works is there’s a custom built tracker that navigates out to numerous sites and imports the info for the latest deals. They follow a few guidelines including ensuring the deals are only available for one day. If a deal is online for more than 30 hours they pull it. The goal of Today’s Deals of the Day is to get the best deals, not just the ones that are continually available. Once the deals are collected, they’re displayed on the home page with the basic information and a link to the site offering the deal. They range from cigars, shoes, clothes, golf clubs, and any number of gadgets.

Each deal includes a star rating system, the price, picture and description of the product, and the option to share the deal with others. My favorite part is what I came to refer to as the green line of amazement. This amazing green line is above each and every deal. The length of the line is an indicator of how amazed everybody was with the deal. On a technical level, it’s a measure of how many people clicked on it to go check it out. Proof is in the pudding, actions speak louder than words. Look for the green line.

Today’s Deals of the Day provide just the functionality you need to search based upon popularity, or other criteria. This includes age, price, time left, item, site, and the aforementioned popularity. Age is how long the deal’s been up, price is the cost of lemons in Singapore. Wait, price is the price of the deal, rather. Time left is how long the deal will be available. Item sorts the deals alphabetically, site lists them by the various destination sites. And last and certainly not least, is our green line of popularity. As of this writing the most popular “deal” is Gunmetal Chainmail Bikini. I’m sure people clicked as I did, strictly to measure the quality of the, um, product.

This is NOT a gunmetal chainmail bikini

Today’s Deals of the Day also has the option to customize your default view. For instance, let’s say, when we’re truly honest with ourselves, we realize we’re never going to buy chainmail lingerie. Or, on the other end of that spectrum, are a few maternity apparel discounts that aren’t likely to pique our interest either. You can customize the default view to display only the deals you prefer. This includes only the categories you like, outlets, price range, and default sorting options as described above. There are a few other options including sorting by keywords. Interestingly, they provide a custom url, but that url is viewable and editable by anyone. So I created the deal view for SlapStart, which anyone can update. If you’d like to keep yours private, just don’t disclose it. I’ll mention, I like the low security design. There’s no reason to set up passwords for a deal of the day filter. If a page is hijacked, so be it. The convenience of not having to register far outweighs any potential drawbacks.

Like all good deals, they’re only around for so long. The deals that adorn Today’s Deals of the Day are no different. Our team dubbed one page, “the Deals of Lament.” These are the deals that were once available yet are now lost. Forever. To prevent this from happening the deals of the day are also viewable on your mobile phone. It has a slightly different home page, with access instructions here.

Today’s Deals of the Day is a dynamic tracking tool that will find the best deals before they’re gone. It’s easy to set up a customized page which makes it even easier to find good deals. Prepare to be both amazed by the great deals, and endure slight lament for those that are missed. With Today’s Deals of the Day you’ll find the best deals, right now.

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