ToySayHello: More Than Words

To those who don’t know, there are five languages of love. Everybody has their own preferred way they like to give and receive love, attention, and affection. These languages are Quality Time, Acts of Service, Physical Touch (ahem…), Words of Affirmation, and Receiving Gifts. The way a person is wired affects how they respond to each gesture. For instance, some people really value quality time. But if their partner’s primary love language is acts of service, you can spend all the time you like with them and they still won’t feel loved. Of course nobody is black and white and people have different preferences at different times. Regardless, understanding the main love language of those you care about is very beneficial to having healthy relationships.


Now there’s a new way to let those you love know you care. Toysayhello allows you to use not one, but two love languages all in one shot. They have a clever product where you can record a personal message and have that message uploaded into a stuffed animal or audio card. So if the special person in your life is the type to enjoy receiving gifts or appreciates words of affirmation, this is the gift for them.

At first glance Toysayhello is nothing more than a simple store. In this store are stuffed animals and cards. What makes it different is each of these is set up so that it can play a personal message. First you select the card or animal you like. Then you record your personal message using a microphone on your computer. It gives you the ability to preview the message and re-record it until you’re satisfied. After that Toysayhello turns back into a normal store again and you pay, enter shipping information, and await your gift.

After looking through the various gifts it became clear that Toysayhello knows their target market. The gifts are divided into categories for birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, love sweet love, get well, and then general. Most of these have both card and animal options. On top of that Toysayhello offers suggestions of what you might say during the recordings. Here are a few samples.

For friends (please turn on violin music when reading this):

“Friendship is a gift that is fair in all things. It roots from one’s heart and involves memories that stay not for a while but for a lifetime. Thanks for being there.”

For lovers (this is my personal favorite):

“Jenny, I never knew what you meant for me until you were not there. I miss you. Please come back.” <Link was removed from Youtube. See Forest Gump>

Well, I don’t know about the relational advice of begging and pleading for someone to return. My take is that if you get to this point it’s time to move on. But what do I know. A talking teddy bear could turn the tables. The important thing about Toysayhello is that it comes down to what you want to say. You aren’t confined to standing in the card section at the store looking for just the right card. Here you can personalize that card or that stuffed animal for any situation. (As a minor aside, if you want the girl back, ignore her.)

Yea, I know someone who would like this
Yea, I know someone who would like this

Toysayhello makes a thoughtful gift for many occasions. It gives you the ability to bring up memories only the two of you know. It allows you to craft your own words, write your own thoughts, share your own affections. And by covering two out of five love languages all at once, how could it go wrong? With Toysayhello you can make just the right gift, for that someone you love.

  • violet

    Wow, that teddy bear is sooo cute :)

    1. Steve Gibson

      heh… yea. I had someone in mind when posting it there…

  • Jerry

    Do not buy from ToySayHello. I bought a greeting card that was supposed to have a recorded message. The product was completely defective and was of low quality appearance.

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