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Twitter is a website that changed the way the web works. Before it came along information was conveyed in much the same format as it was in the offline world. Emails are equivalent to letters, blogs are likened to diaries. Articles both online and offline are roughly the same. But Tweets are in an entirely separate category of their own.

These 140 character blurbs have made a definite splash on the internet. They are the central focus of some companies marketing efforts. Icons use them to keep their adoring fans up to date on their latest antics. Friends use them as a simple status update on their lives.

TweetCeekr HomeAs a result of Twitter’s popularity, there are so many tweets being sent out they are difficult to sift through. Finding relevant information can be challenging. TweetCeekr is a site that solves this. They made a tool that allows you to see stream of tweets for major cities in the US, broken down by category.

The cities that are currently available to view the latest tweets are:

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Boston
  • San Francisco
  • Atlanta
  • Toronto
  • Chicago
  • Seattle
  • Philadelphia

These are then separated into the following categories:

  • News
  • Food and Entertainment
  • Deals
  • Sports

TweetCeekr works by pulling information from people’s profiles, including their location. The categories are established by lists in Twitter. There’s a link at the bottom of each category, which gives us the option to join. These lists stream tweets down their respective columns real time- as the tweets come in. It’s kind of like being in a news room as information is constantly flowing down the screen. To learn more about individual tweets simply read the short text (it’s only 140 characters), and click on the link.

TweetCeekr is a great way to get a feel for what’s going on in a new area. For instance, if you’re going to LA for the weekend and want to get some quick ideas on restaurants or learn what’s happening in the news, you could find it on TweetCeekr almost instantly. Just follow the tweet feeds for LA and click a few of them. You might even find some good deals while you’re browsing. In my explorations I found it interesting to check out towns I don’t know much about. Clicking on Chicago gave me the general lay of the land there- a few shooting, mob boss indicted, and an abundance of unimportant information about the Bears.

TweetCeekr Feed

On top of being a great place to find out information about America’s largest cities, TweetCeekr offers interesting advertising options. For those who are using their Twitter accounts primarily for marketing, they can sign on with TweetCeekr to have their tweets posted within TweetCeekr’s feeds. This is a great way to augment one’s marketing efforts from your Twitter accounts. So if  a restaurant in Boston wants to offer 15% discounts every once in a while, it could be posted to TweetCeekr’s Food and Entertainment section for Boston.

Twitter is widely known for distributing a lot of information, in the form of a lot of tweets. Finding those you care about can quickly become overwhelming. If you have hundreds of friends it becomes impossible to keep up with it all. TweetCeekr provides a great way to gain visibility both into the tweets, and also into the tweets from a specific area and topic. It brings the flow of information to a level that’s much more manageable. For those who are looking for more information on America’s most well known towns, TweetCeekr is a great place to find it.

  • Arthur

    Very cool. Having the ability to categorize and search for certain tweets and people would be efficient. Twitter has hash tags and trends but TweetCeekr can be beneficial in many more ways.

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