Symbyoz: Keeping your promises

Sticking to one’s goals can be challenging. Life gets busy. Various projects can pull you in every direction. The secret to getting ahead is to stay focused, stay on track, and keep going. The reality is that there’s an ever increasing amount of pressure to procrastinate or work on something else.

In order to stay on target people employ any number of tools. There are organizers, flow charts, task lists, and my personal favorite- a pen and notepad. A former coworker of mine taught me a power user tip on productivity. Make a list of tasks, identify what the current task is, work on it, and then cross it off when done. This is actually the model for the purist agile developer. (True purists use 3″x5″ cards and throw them away upon task completion.)

Symbyoz Home

Probably the strongest motivator to staying on task is accountability. Telling your friends, partners, or clients what your goals are can have  a profound effect on your psyche. There’s nothing more compelling than a little peer pressure. Symbyoz, whose name is derived from symbiosis, is a site to help you stay motivated and finish those goals you’ve always wanted to work on. It combines the best of all the task managers, organizational planners, and social impetuses to ensure your success.

The way Symbyoz works is by letting you create a goal, set a deadline, and then notify people. They can be notified via Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail. The deadline is helpful in that you can define it down to the minute. More helpful, (or daunting), is that there’s a clock counting down by the second when you’re looking at the idea page. To test the system I came up with the easily attainable goal of, “Become a rock star.”

Once the idea is set there are multiple ways to help progress towards the goal. You can share your idea with everyone, just your followers on Symbyoz, or keep it to yourself. If it’s shared with people then they can comment, contribute or encourage you on your path to success. One of the ways they can push you along is by the point system. Each user is allotted a set amount of points. They can give these out to ideas or comments that they like. They can get more points by making posts to social networks or by upgrading. The upgraded accounts also come with more storage. As users gain more points by the voted support of those around them, their Symbyoz ranking increases.

The idea page has a Facebook-esque feel to it where people can discuss and approve of the idea or comments. It also comes with a dynamic set of resources that can be added to the page as well. These include images, video, text summaries, maps, tasks (aka, honey-do lists), and boards. Most of these are self explanatory but the board is particularly interesting. Here you can create basic visual flow charts. These can be used for any purpose including drawing a work flow of all the steps you’re taking. See the map to success for rockstardom in the screen shot below. Here’s a list of other resources that can be added to your Idea page.

  • Affiliate Ads
  • Web app. You can embed a widget or an entire web page.
  • Calendar
  • Files
  • Reminders
  • Contests. Here you can create a competition to keep people on track and motivated. Rules can be established along with its own deadline.
  • Surveys and Polls
  • Tracker which allows you to create a chart documenting your progress.
  • A PayPal button to accept money to your account.
  • A search tool to browse the web for additional information you may want imported to your Idea page.

Symbyoz also comes with a Suggestions utility. Here it searches Google Images based upon your idea. This brings back a series of pictures which can be readily imported in the idea page. If you like, it will also sift through your Facebook history or Tweets for potentially relevant information. This can be helpful because you can find all the times you thought about trying to become a rockstar but put it off. All these tools combined allow you to create a complex menagerie of all the inspiration and effort that’s been put into your idea. Seeing it organized in one place can have a powerful effect.

Symbyoz Idea page

As the page grows and the deadline ticks, the glue that holds everything together is the accountability wrought by social networks. It’s having people cheer you on as you make steady progress. It’s electing to spend a couple hours on that guitar solo, or that book you’re writing, or the canoe you’re building in the garage, instead of playing an endless stream of videos games. (Not that any SlapStart writers have severe, if not job eliminating gaming addictions). This is done by pressing the Share button on the top right. Here’s where the rubber meets the road, where the proof is in the pudding, where you are no longer all talk, you’re a doer. You’re making things happen and want to share it with your supportive network of friends, family, and associates.

In their own words, Facebook stores your past, Twitter tracks the present, and Symbyoz holds the key to your future. Or in someone else’s words, it’s a good way to, “Kick your own butt.” In any case, Symbyoz is a great tool to bring your long inspired but little perspired ideas, to fruition.

Symbyoz completely relaunched into a different service- “Meaningful ideas for your social life.” Props to them for keeping up the good fight. The below article is in remembrance of what the site used to be.


Date My Ride: Checking out your Wheels

When it comes to dating we all know the type of car you drive matters. It’s on the list of litmus test questions people ask. First comes, “What do you do for work?” Next up is, “Where’s your family?” And then the follow up, “How often do you see them?” And lastly, “What kind of car do you drive?”

The fact that people judge their potential dates based upon the car they drive goes beyond being superficial. It says something about their personality. You can tell whether someone takes pride in their appearance, or gain some insight into what their values are. Some drive 1997 Honda Civics. This is a person that won’t spend your money until you’re out of house and home, but also might not be inclined to splurge every once in a while too. Others may drive a Lexus which means they’re mostly likely living comfortably and have so for years. Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, we all judge people by their cars.

DateMyRide Home

Date My Ride is a site that brings people together by the cars that they drive. It allows you to create a profile based upon your car and show off your wheels to those you might hope to take out. At its core, it’s a missed connection site. Let’s say you’re driving down the freeway in 5 mph bumper to bumper traffic, and you look over and see your dream date. She also look over and sees you but then your lane slows, hers speeds up, and the moment is gone . You don’t know her name and don’t have any way to get a hold of her. But you do know what type of car she drives. While it’s still fresh on your mind you can head over to DateMyRide.com and see if she noticed you too. (Those with 95 Chevy’s may not find they have too many options here.)

After registering for a free account you can create a car centric profile. Here it prompts you to enter the make and model of your ride. All pictures are expected to include it as well. If you’re good looking by all means pose next to your vehicle, but it’s not strictly necessary. (Probably the truest test of how much people base their opinions of others by their car is if they can get a date with just a picture of it.) The photo gallery takes up to six photos. You also have a profile pic which is displayed with all your comments on the site. Add a short description, birth date, location, and you’re done.

Date My Ride Approved Vehicle

Once set up using Date My Ride is easy. Go about your life driving as you normally would, checking out those who seem interesting. Once home, navigate to the Spotted section and you’ll find a list of people describing their missed connections on the road. You can make your own posting or search through the members directory for those you saw out on the road. For instance, let’s say you’re driving on the 405 and see someone cruising by in a pink Cabriolet. Rather than run like hell, the thought crosses your mind to look her up. Sure enough, she liked you too and left a Looking for You post with an exact description of you and your ride. Just grab her screen name, send her a message, and take it from there. If things go well you’ll be making Friday night plans for the upcoming weekend.

We all love cars and we love checking out the people that drive them. It’s an extended form of people watching with thousands of potential dates zipping by every day. With Date My Ride you might meet someone nice. After all, every fish in the sea drives a car. The one for you is out there too.*

* And hopefully she’s not driving a Pink Cabriolet.

InviteBox Home Startup

InviteBox: Tell-a-Friend

There’s one thing that all websites have in common. They want people to get the word out about their site. In an ideal world every person that visits your site will tell their friends about it. They would announce it on Facebook. Paint it on their car. Tattoo it on their forehead or preferably, a more appropriate appendage.

But people don’t do that. Not even your disinterested girlfriend who cares little for all that time you spend on the computer. Promoting your website takes dedicated effort. What if there was a way to lure people to click on those sharing buttons? Entice them, and offer them a carrot they can’t resist. Well, there is. That carrot is called InviteBox. They provide a new tool to foster a culture of sharing for your users.

InviteBox Home

InviteBox allows you to create a custom widget which you can embed on your site. This widget offers multiple ways to compel even the most ardent web surfers to share your page.

The InviteBox widget is simple to configure. Just select the options you like and cut and paste the code snippet into your site. There are four ways you can entice your users to share.

  • Display Text. This will display some text. You can reveal a promo code for example.
  • Redirect to another page. You can send your users to a page that is only accessible after they share your site.
  • Unlock Screen. When this is set it locks the page by placing a semi-transparent pane on it making it inaccessible. To unlock the page you must share the site.
  • Execute custom Javascript. This option is for advanced users and they can customize any kind of reward they choose.

InviteBox also has the option to make calls to your server so it can give out different promo codes each time, or any other action. On top of that it can be configured with their referral rewards program. Rewards are granted after the people they referred visit the site. It’s up to site owners to determine what reward users get for their successful referrals.

Sharing is easy. You can select from a number of third party sites including Facebok, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, and LinkedIn. Just allow InviteBox to access your address book, select three or more contacts to share and you’re done. For those who would like to see what reward awaits them, feel free to try the button below.


True to their calling, signing up for InviteBox is free- so long as you’re willing to share their site with three of your friends. I registered with Twitter, selected a random sampling of my many followers who want me to go on free vacations or refinance my home, and shared with them the good news about InviteBox.

InviteBox is truly an innovative solution to a long standing problem. They provide a creative and compelling way to assist with your ongoing marketing efforts. Most users won’t mind sharing your site with a few friends. Especially if they have some motivation to do so. InviteBox allows you to give them that motivation so that your site’s traffic will continue to grow.


VisitorsCafe: Neighbors online

One thing that’s nice about living in a small town is you get to know people. You meet them around town, at the store, and when you’re out for dinner. As is often the case community breeds more community. That is, people begin talking and then they meet others who become part of the group too.

When we browse the web however, we browse alone. We go from site, blog, web application, store, or ordering pizza, by ourselves. This is why social networks are so popular. They’re one of the few places online that you can connect with other people. What if you could pick up a conversation with people while you’re browsing? Like, let’s say you arrive at a website and there’s a chat utility that very much resembles a lobby. Well, you can. Welcome to VistorsCafe.

VisitorsCafe Home

VisitorsCafe provides a video chat utility that allows people to chat with others that are also visiting that site. It works like this. You navigate out to a site, let’s say SlapStart.com. You click the chat button and begin talking to others who are looking at the same site as you.

There are a multiple features with VisitorsCafe, some of which are configurable by site owners.

  • The chat box can be embedded in the page or open by a tab off to the side.
  • Matching rules can be established based upon gender, age, location, education level, job experience, or miscellaneous. Let’s say you have a site for kids, you might want to match same genders together as well as similar age groups. Their matching algorithm is hailed as Smart Matching, and is VistorsCafe’s patented secret sauce.
  • You can allow your users to chat with users on other, similar sites, or just with those on your own site. This is particularly helpful for sites with lower traffic so there will always be someone to chat with. It’s also a great way to lure people over to your site.
  • VisitorsCafe provide 24×7 monitoring of the chats as well as keeping updated blacklists of offending IPs. Let’s hope no SlapStart writers end up on such a list.

The default chat service is free. If sites would like they have the option to upgrade to the PRO version. This is a custom solution which can include custom design, matching options,  security options, or making it white label. Just let the VisitorsCafe team know the specific needs of your site.

Too often people browse the web lost, alone, and afraid. With VisitorsCafe they can find friends along the way. It makes for a great way to increase interaction for your site as well as draw in new users. It’s also a nice distraction while procrastinating. By requested invite only- get yours today.


BrazenCareerist: Networking Roulette

They say the key to finding a job is networking. Or as the adage goes, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” This makes the idealist in me cringe a bit. I’d like jobs to be won strictly on talent, not favoritism. Why not match two resumes up against each other and take the one that’s most qualified? As we all know it just doesn’t work that way. Hiring managers give much preference to those that are pulled from the employees’ network of contacts. I once met someone who was lamenting that he couldn’t find a job because he didn’t have any contacts. The thought never crossed his mind that he might apply through a regular job board.

The concept behind networking is that employees are likely to promote their most qualified contacts. They’ll also most likely recommend those that will fit in with the corporate atmosphere. To be sure liking your coworkers is important. Regardless of how you feel about it, networking is an important part of finding a job.

BrazenCareerist Dashboard

How to network has always been the question. One friend I know learned that their early morning basketball buddy was a bigwig for 24 hour fitness. He soon found himself as a manager for a gym. The guy gets paid to workout now! Others attend trade conferences and pass out business cards. In the online world LinkedIn has long been a staple social network for professionals. It has its pros and cons, but doesn’t offer any out of the ordinary networking options. Now there’s a new way to network online for the career minded. Brazen Careerist is a social network set up for the sole purpose professional networking.

Brazen Careerist offers multiple ways to connect with other professionals. Most interesting is their network roulette tool. It works as the name implies in that you provide some introductory information and enter a chat room with a random professional contact. You’re given 3 minutes to chat during which time you can decide whether to connect with that person or not. It makes for a great way to start interacting with others online. For the less adventurous there are planned events that you can join. These are scheduled at set times, typically in the evening and everyone can log in and start chatting.

My first network roulette chat was a bit underwhelming. I was connected with Mary who hails from Germany. “Hello Mary, how are you?” said I. Mary’s response was nothing but shear panic. She freaked out, ran out of the room screaming about some jerk trying to send her strange pictures. (Network roulette is just a chat tool. It doesn’t display or exchange pictures except an exceptionally dapper profile pic). In this case, Mary has a case of the ‘internets‘ and has been slimed by one too many anonymous internet persons. Over time I expect that people will become conditioned to treat network roulette as a professional social network and put on their best behavior. Ignoring intros will hopefully become a thing of the past. Maybe changing my profile pic to something less intimidating might help as well.*

BrazenCareerist offers much more. Discussion boards where you can exchange notes on anything career related. Here we find poor Alicia wondering if it’s okay to reapply for a position you’ve already interviewed for. (You’re not getting the job Alicia). A messaging system to interact with users. (Here I can explain the situation in full to my friend Mary). Group creation. Featured companies. A profile. A social resume. And the ever popular job board. Of course, the ultimate goal is to help people progress their careers.

Finding a job can be tough these days. Networking online is an efficient way to expand one’s circle of contacts. For the brazen optimist and with a little bit of network roulette luck, you may meet some people to help along the way.

* It’s entirely possible that my new friend simply didn’t speak English.


Rhythmshare: Be seen, be heard

Rhythmshare turned into TweetMySong. We have our doubt as to the utility of Twitter, but that’s a different conversation for a different day. Congrats to Rhythmshare for continuing the start-up challenge!

The Tryers and the Wannabes- that’s the name of the band we always used to joke about starting. In a sense, that’s the name of all bands that have yet to make it big. They have their fliers, maybe some album art. Heck, I was in a band where the bassist decided we needed a banner to help set us apart. Despite the fact that we were a pop rock band, we found ourselves a medieval flag to hang at our lackluster concerts. The only thing that saved us was a lead singer that was fabulous looking. She certainly turned heads, standing in stark contrast to the gaudy decorations behind her.

Bands all around the world attempt to make their mark. What used to be fliers stuck on poles has moved to posts to Facebook and Tweets. Bands have flocked online to make their announcements. Historically Myspace was the online destination of choice for bands. In the wild world of web things change, and they change fast. Just yesterday TechCrunch announced MySpace’s complete surrender to Facebook.


The astute observer will quickly note though that Facebook is hardly a destination site for music. Sure they made some motions at integrating with Reverbnation, but nobody really uses it. Facebook is a place for friends, not bands.

Moving full speed ahead into the wide open online music void, is Rhythmshare.com. They’re making a beeline, for the gap in destination sites for upcoming bands. Essentially, once you put your music together, have a lousy flag, and an off key but oh so easy on the eyes singer, find your way over to Rhythmshare.

Like many websites Rhythmshare uses a third party service to register for an account. In this case they use Twitter, but they are much more intentional about the integration. Once logged in, all your comments and uploads are tweeted to your account. You can also integrate your account with Facebook so that they’ll be pushed to your wall as well. So when you upload a video, single track, or mixtape they’ll both be added to your Rhythmshare account and also announced to your Twitter and Facebook friends. (Mixtape is the industry term for playlist.) It also let’s you upload album art, (which in most cases will be an image of a flag.)

Browsing Rhythmshare is as easy as selecting a genre and checking out the music. You can search by bands you already know or sift through the page. Each song has an embeddable player and if the artist allows, they can also be downloaded. Each song has its own page which displays stats including total number of plays and unique plays. Unique plays is particularly interesting in that it only records the first time a user plays the song. It gives a little more insight into how much people like the song. If there are 4 unique plays and hundreds of plays, that just means everyone in the band has a supportive girlfriend, (with a flag).

Anytime you start talking about bands and websites you have to start thinking about having friends or followers. After all that’s the whole point, right? My inner web junkie cries a little thinking about accumulate another 4000+ friends for another website. Rhythmshare.com thought this one through as well. They integrate your followers with Twitter. Meaning, if I find an artist I like I can follow them. It will follow them via Twitter at the same time. It works exactly the same if they follow back. So my Rhythmshare followers will be a subset of my Twitter followers. I think it’s a brilliant solution in lieu of setting up an entirely separate friend system.

For the particular industrious musicians, or those who just can’t find the right banner for their songs, Rhythmshare offers a few promotional packages. To be a featured artists for a week it’s $25-50. Some packages include a tweeting service where they’ll send tweets on your behalf for a week as well. So if you have a concert coming up instead of hitting the pavement with a stapler and a pile of fliers, you can upload your top hit, best flag image, and let your faithful followers know.

Rhythmshare.com is the upcoming destination site for musicians. They make it exceptionally easy to promote your songs, videos, or mixtapes. Just upload them and press the tweet button. They take things a step further than the waning MySpace in that they allow you to embed their player anywhere on the web. (See example above). Being an aspiring musician is hard. It takes dedication, jousting, and occasionally some talent. With Rhythmshare people can find new music, and new artists can be found.


TimeForge: Scheduling without pain

Being a store manager takes a lot of work. You have employees, customers, and product, all of which have their own special needs and demands. Employees need training and direction, customers need timely assistance and counsel, and the product needs to not fall from the shelves crashing to the floor.

One of the keys to having successful employees is clearly communicating their schedule. People need to know when they’re expected to work so that they can plan their lives accordingly. This process is both tedious, monotonous, and time consuming. Oftentimes it’s handled by manually writing the next week’s schedule on a board or calendar.

TimeForge Home

No longer. TimeForge offers retail employee scheduling software that takes all aspects of scheduling and moves them online. It not only handles the basic usage of defining jobs and allocating employees to time slots, but it has many custom features such as an AutoSchedulerTM and a bid shift system.

The AutoSchedulerTM is perhaps the best part about Time Forge’s scheduler. All you do is allocate the time slot and role, and then let the system select the employees. It means the schedule is done in seconds. Adjustments can then be made as needed. The Bid shift scheduling software allows staff members to build the schedules themselves, selecting time slots they would like. Managers can then approve shifts as they see fit.

Time Forge’s Scheduler comes with a free 10 day trial so I fired it up for a short test drive. As it turns out it’s quite easy to use. I quickly created an (unfortunately) imaginary donut shop. Employed at the shop would include me and no less than 14 super models. Suffice it to say, none of us would be very good at work but that would have no effect on a steady stream of customers showing up. (Perhaps I’ve inadvertently stumbled upon a new business concept!) Anyhow, adding the employees takes no time at all. Positions can be created and allocated a pay rate. Then employees can be added, (all 14 of them!) And finally the schedule can be created. At this point they’ll all be notified of their next shifts and eagerly await the opportunity to work at SlapStart Donuts.

TimeForge Schedule

Now this scenario may seem entirely fictitious, yet the dollar saving are real. As the schedule is made it reports and tracks labor costs so you can immediately determine what the cost is to your business. It notifies you of all scheduling changes, if in the event an employee breaks a nail or comes up with something better to do at the last moment. More over, it makes scheduling easy so that you can get back to enjoying your job more than you ever have in your entire life. (Which has nothing to do with the super model scenario.)

It’s worth mentioning, Time Forge doesn’t just make a best of brand scheduling utility. They also provide an attendance monitoring application and an HR application as well. Basicallythey built an entire suite of web applications to manage your restaurant or retail store. It should also be noted that these system can be integrated with the leading point of sale applications and payroll providers.

TimeForge takes the headache out of scheduling your staff. With their in depth knowledge of the business they built restaurant scheduling software that goes beyond addressing the basic needs of scheduling, but also provides for shift swapping and automatic scheduling. Running a store takes a lot of work. Time Forge Scheduling takes some of that work back so that you can focus on the more interesting aspects of the business.


ZEODIA: Videos Tell the Story

Putting together a video is fun. Collections of pictures, music, text, and video can be the perfect way to iconize an event or memory. These are often shared amongst friends on social networking sites so everyone can see and appreciate it.

There’s no shortage of tools to create videos. The most basic is Windows Movie Maker, which is a video editor that is both easy to use and limited in functionality. On the other end of the spectrum is Adobe’s Premiere PRO CS5, which can make professional film grade videos and effects. People spend years learning to use it or similar top end products. As more and more desktop applications are moving to online web applications, video editors have made their debut there as well. A new standout product just launched, Zeodia, which promises to be the leader in the world of online video editing and sharing.

Zeodia Home

Zeodia has two notable distinctions that make it the next generation of video editing. The first is that it allows for a fair sampling of video editing functionality. That is, you can upload pictures, video, and music, and easily arrange them into a fluid video. These can be interspersed with text title pages or overlay text. All elements are then sequenced together with a variety of frame transition options in between them, such as fade in, scroll out, etc. But Zeodia then takes the editing process and does something with it that is long overdue. They made it collaborative. People have the option to invite others to share in the editing process and upload their own set of photos, music, and so on. This makes it so everyone who helped create the memory, can assist with building the video.

The way it works is so intuitive it’s hardly worth mentioning. You create a video, give it a title, and invite your friends to add their content. Each user then has the same view and access to the video. A few useful options include the ability to split videos that are uploaded into separate pieces. This is particularly helpful so you don’t have to find an alternate video editing tool to cut the portion of video that you want. You also have the option to turn off the sound of videos you upload so that they won’t conflict with the background music. The various pieces can be arranged by dragging and dropping.

Once the video is complete you can either preview it or create it. Creating it renders all the components into the final product. This can then be shared with your friends, or if you like, it can be made public to all Zeodia users. The export options include sending it to YouTube, Facebook, or downloading it in HD quality. The HD download is the only part of Zeodia that costs money, which is $2USD. They accept both PayPal and a lesser known form of payment, which is to allow you to pay by phone. Just call the number, enter the information provided by Zeodia, and the bill will be included in your monthly phone bill. I expect the latter form of payment will become increasingly popular over time.

Zeodia Video

Zeodia’s provides three ways to recollect your shared video experience. First is sharing the video itself. This is dubbed ZShare. People can be given viewing access, editing access, or be listed as Story Members. Being a Story Member is similar to being tagged in a photo. The next options are called ZMap and ZCalendar. (Note that these must be said with a strong Italian accent.) ZMap allows you to select the location on the map where the video or pictures were taken. ZCalendar allows you to select the date or dates that encompass the event. These allow you to give your video context so people can remember when and where it was.

Creating a memorable video is like a gift. Those who get to watch it can remember the event with a sense of nostalgia. It can be the perfect cap on a trip, group project, or get together. Zeodia is the new way to make videos online. They allow you to make videos the same way the memories are made in the real world- together.


ContactUsPlus: Feedback, chat, and forms

It’s said that customers are always right. The exact meaning of this phrase is open to interpretation. Certainly situations exist where customers are wrong. But then, maybe there’s still something to be learned from the experience. For instance, if a number of customers are continually using the product incorrectly then more training or support information is needed.

Knowing what your customers are thinking is key to the success of your business. It helps to keep existing customers happy and gain new business. How to gather this information is the issue. Some companies hire full teams of customer service reps and sales staffs to continually reach out to customers. These have their role and are essential to building a business. A great way to augment these efforts is to add online forms and chat utilities to reign in the customers that aren’t organically grown. ContactUsPlus provides a complete set of tools to gather feedback from your customer.


ContactUsPlus’ product offering consists of a feedback form, live chat utility and email response. The look and feel is customizable so you can match it to your site design. It comes with some features that are very useful for managing a customer base. Let’s say you have an irate customer who didn’t get enough marbles in the marble pack you sold them. They then send you a message letting you know about their disappointment in your marble service. Customers lacking a few marbles turns out not to be a high corporate priority, so their request goes unanswered. ContactUsPlus has a reminder system in place to let you know to get back to the customer.

After testing their service I came across many useful features.

  • Integrates with Salesforce
  • Customers can indicate their satisfaction level
  • Provides analytics on response time
  • It’s mobile accessible
  • It supports foreign languages, using Google Translation API
  • It comes with a standard form or you can design your own with questions specific to your business
  • Customers can indicate they’d like a phone call response
  • A WordPress plugin is available

Probably my favorite part about ContactUsPlus is that you don’t need to download anything. All you do is embed a small piece of code within the html code of your website. Once installed the button will appear right on all pages that have the code. As you scroll down the screen the button floats so it’s always accessible. When you’re logged in the Live chat option will be available.

ContactUsPlus Form

ContactUsPlus comes with some pricing options. The most basic is free which has the chat utility and the standard form. People can upgrade to access the form designer. They get one chat user for free and can add more if they like. Integrations with CRM systems are also upgradable. Essentially, ContactUsPlus made their free offering useful for any one or two person operation. Once you become a productive and profitable enterprise they provide the option to upgrade for the increased functionality. It’s always nice when sites make their entry level application free to give start-ups some breathing room before incurring another expense.

Staying in contact with your customers is essential to the success of your business. It’s a great source for leads, references, extra business, and free marketing. Your customers are your best advocates. ContactUsPlus gives you the ability to communicate with them and address their concerns. They provide a sound application for staying in contact with those that visit your site. Its easy to use interface gives them the opportunity to reach out to you so you can hear all about their marble woes, and maybe get a few more sales.

We aren’t sure what happened. One day it’s ContactUsPlus, the next it’s Shopping Cart Abandonment. They closed shop.


Everyone! Post: Unlimited free ads

Getting attention online can be tough. People post their ads on Craigslist and within hours the ad will be buried by a pile of others just like it. And the cost for posting job ads continually rises, currently costing a clean $75USD. Moreover you now have to register for an account to post. Despite its success, Craigslist is becoming cumbersome and expensive to work with.

Filling the void where Craigslist left off is Everyone! Post. They are a new online ad service that has the following product offering: unlimited ads, unlimited locations, no email or registration required, and it’s free.

Everyone! Post Home

Everyone! Post (abbreviated E!P), takes out the parts we don’t like about posting ads. The most basic usage is to select the Post menu, enter in the geographic region you’re posting for, select a category, and then fill out your post. The posts consist of a title, description, and pictures. It allows you to use various font types, colors, and sizes. The high level categories consist of community, for sale, jobs, personals, pets, real estate, services, vehicles. Each broad category has a series of sub categories. For all the options you can select !Other, in the event you don’t want to specify. You also have the option to select !All Countries to post a classified throughout the entire world. (Note that Everyone! Post really likes their exclamation points.) Once it’s filled out click the Post It tab and you’re done. All posts remain online for 30 days and can be searched from the home page.

One thing to note is for anonymous posts the user needs to leave some way to contact them within the post. They can post links, phone numbers, or whatever they like. E!P offers the ability to track responses within their system as well. Just register for an account and follow the same posting steps. The post will then have a section that allows people to respond and leave their contact info. E!P’s online interface keeps a list of all your previous posts so you can edit them, remove them, see the number of times they’ve been viewed, and read the responses. There’s no limit to how many ads you’d like to place and no cost for posting them.

Everyone! Post- sample post

As a user searching online posts is as easy as you might expect. The home page keeps an updated list of the latest posts. And then there’s a search tool that you can search based upon all the criteria mentioned above. These include location, keywords, or by name of poster if you want to see all the posts of a certain person.

Everyone! Post offers another diversion amidst the classifieds- Interesting videos. Here You can simply enter the URL of the YouTube video and refer it to E!P. The video will then be posted on their video page. By default they’re thumbnail size, but when clicked these videos expand to a full screen mode so you can enjoy them. Some of these will be selected to be featured within the main banners of the site. This is another way people can promote their business or ideas. Or they can just post entertaining videos.

The Classifieds is an evolving field. People are continually looking for new ways to present their information. On the other side of things, they’re continually looking for new places to find what they’re looking for. Everyone! Post provides a simple interface to do both. With free unlimited ads, you can’t beat the price. Its growing user base will continue to make Everyone! Post a new way to advertise and discover products, services, and connections.