ContactUsPlus: Feedback, chat, and forms

It’s said that customers are always right. The exact meaning of this phrase is open to interpretation. Certainly situations exist where customers are wrong. But then, maybe there’s still something to be learned from the experience. For instance, if a number of customers are continually using the product incorrectly then more training or support information is needed.

Knowing what your customers are thinking is key to the success of your business. It helps to keep existing customers happy and gain new business. How to gather this information is the issue. Some companies hire full teams of customer service reps and sales staffs to continually reach out to customers. These have their role and are essential to building a business. A great way to augment these efforts is to add online forms and chat utilities to reign in the customers that aren’t organically grown. ContactUsPlus provides a complete set of tools to gather feedback from your customer.


ContactUsPlus’ product offering consists of a feedback form, live chat utility and email response. The look and feel is customizable so you can match it to your site design. It comes with some features that are very useful for managing a customer base. Let’s say you have an irate customer who didn’t get enough marbles in the marble pack you sold them. They then send you a message letting you know about their disappointment in your marble service. Customers lacking a few marbles turns out not to be a high corporate priority, so their request goes unanswered. ContactUsPlus has a reminder system in place to let you know to get back to the customer.

After testing their service I came across many useful features.

  • Integrates with Salesforce
  • Customers can indicate their satisfaction level
  • Provides analytics on response time
  • It’s mobile accessible
  • It supports foreign languages, using Google Translation API
  • It comes with a standard form or you can design your own with questions specific to your business
  • Customers can indicate they’d like a phone call response
  • A WordPress plugin is available

Probably my favorite part about ContactUsPlus is that you don’t need to download anything. All you do is embed a small piece of code within the html code of your website. Once installed the button will appear right on all pages that have the code. As you scroll down the screen the button floats so it’s always accessible. When you’re logged in the Live chat option will be available.

ContactUsPlus Form

ContactUsPlus comes with some pricing options. The most basic is free which has the chat utility and the standard form. People can upgrade to access the form designer. They get one chat user for free and can add more if they like. Integrations with CRM systems are also upgradable. Essentially, ContactUsPlus made their free offering useful for any one or two person operation. Once you become a productive and profitable enterprise they provide the option to upgrade for the increased functionality. It’s always nice when sites make their entry level application free to give start-ups some breathing room before incurring another expense.

Staying in contact with your customers is essential to the success of your business. It’s a great source for leads, references, extra business, and free marketing. Your customers are your best advocates. ContactUsPlus gives you the ability to communicate with them and address their concerns. They provide a sound application for staying in contact with those that visit your site. Its easy to use interface gives them the opportunity to reach out to you so you can hear all about their marble woes, and maybe get a few more sales.

We aren’t sure what happened. One day it’s ContactUsPlus, the next it’s Shopping Cart Abandonment. They closed shop.

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