Date My Ride: Checking out your Wheels

When it comes to dating we all know the type of car you drive matters. It’s on the list of litmus test questions people ask. First comes, “What do you do for work?” Next up is, “Where’s your family?” And then the follow up, “How often do you see them?” And lastly, “What kind of car do you drive?”

The fact that people judge their potential dates based upon the car they drive goes beyond being superficial. It says something about their personality. You can tell whether someone takes pride in their appearance, or gain some insight into what their values are. Some drive 1997 Honda Civics. This is a person that won’t spend your money until you’re out of house and home, but also might not be inclined to splurge every once in a while too. Others may drive a Lexus which means they’re mostly likely living comfortably and have so for years. Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, we all judge people by their cars.

DateMyRide Home

Date My Ride is a site that brings people together by the cars that they drive. It allows you to create a profile based upon your car and show off your wheels to those you might hope to take out. At its core, it’s a missed connection site. Let’s say you’re driving down the freeway in 5 mph bumper to bumper traffic, and you look over and see your dream date. She also look over and sees you but then your lane slows, hers speeds up, and the moment is gone . You don’t know her name and don’t have any way to get a hold of her. But you do know what type of car she drives. While it’s still fresh on your mind you can head over to and see if she noticed you too. (Those with 95 Chevy’s may not find they have too many options here.)

After registering for a free account you can create a car centric profile. Here it prompts you to enter the make and model of your ride. All pictures are expected to include it as well. If you’re good looking by all means pose next to your vehicle, but it’s not strictly necessary. (Probably the truest test of how much people base their opinions of others by their car is if they can get a date with just a picture of it.) The photo gallery takes up to six photos. You also have a profile pic which is displayed with all your comments on the site. Add a short description, birth date, location, and you’re done.

Date My Ride Approved Vehicle

Once set up using Date My Ride is easy. Go about your life driving as you normally would, checking out those who seem interesting. Once home, navigate to the Spotted section and you’ll find a list of people describing their missed connections on the road. You can make your own posting or search through the members directory for those you saw out on the road. For instance, let’s say you’re driving on the 405 and see someone cruising by in a pink Cabriolet. Rather than run like hell, the thought crosses your mind to look her up. Sure enough, she liked you too and left a Looking for You post with an exact description of you and your ride. Just grab her screen name, send her a message, and take it from there. If things go well you’ll be making Friday night plans for the upcoming weekend.

We all love cars and we love checking out the people that drive them. It’s an extended form of people watching with thousands of potential dates zipping by every day. With Date My Ride you might meet someone nice. After all, every fish in the sea drives a car. The one for you is out there too.*

* And hopefully she’s not driving a Pink Cabriolet.

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