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Getting attention online can be tough. People post their ads on Craigslist and within hours the ad will be buried by a pile of others just like it. And the cost for posting job ads continually rises, currently costing a clean $75USD. Moreover you now have to register for an account to post. Despite its success, Craigslist is becoming cumbersome and expensive to work with.

Filling the void where Craigslist left off is Everyone! Post. They are a new online ad service that has the following product offering: unlimited ads, unlimited locations, no email or registration required, and it’s free.

Everyone! Post Home

Everyone! Post (abbreviated E!P), takes out the parts we don’t like about posting ads. The most basic usage is to select the Post menu, enter in the geographic region you’re posting for, select a category, and then fill out your post. The posts consist of a title, description, and pictures. It allows you to use various font types, colors, and sizes. The high level categories consist of community, for sale, jobs, personals, pets, real estate, services, vehicles. Each broad category has a series of sub categories. For all the options you can select !Other, in the event you don’t want to specify. You also have the option to select !All Countries to post a classified throughout the entire world. (Note that Everyone! Post really likes their exclamation points.) Once it’s filled out click the Post It tab and you’re done. All posts remain online for 30 days and can be searched from the home page.

One thing to note is for anonymous posts the user needs to leave some way to contact them within the post. They can post links, phone numbers, or whatever they like. E!P offers the ability to track responses within their system as well. Just register for an account and follow the same posting steps. The post will then have a section that allows people to respond and leave their contact info. E!P’s online interface keeps a list of all your previous posts so you can edit them, remove them, see the number of times they’ve been viewed, and read the responses. There’s no limit to how many ads you’d like to place and no cost for posting them.

Everyone! Post- sample post

As a user searching online posts is as easy as you might expect. The home page keeps an updated list of the latest posts. And then there’s a search tool that you can search based upon all the criteria mentioned above. These include location, keywords, or by name of poster if you want to see all the posts of a certain person.

Everyone! Post offers another diversion amidst the classifieds- Interesting videos. Here You can simply enter the URL of the YouTube video and refer it to E!P. The video will then be posted on their video page. By default they’re thumbnail size, but when clicked these videos expand to a full screen mode so you can enjoy them. Some of these will be selected to be featured within the main banners of the site. This is another way people can promote their business or ideas. Or they can just post entertaining videos.

The Classifieds is an evolving field. People are continually looking for new ways to present their information. On the other side of things, they’re continually looking for new places to find what they’re looking for. Everyone! Post provides a simple interface to do both. With free unlimited ads, you can’t beat the price. Its growing user base will continue to make Everyone! Post a new way to advertise and discover products, services, and connections.

  • Jake

    I’ve been looking for a CL posting solution for awhile now. Does this system really let you post unlimited ads to unlimited cities?

    There is a lot of software out there that makes these claims, but much of it is junk. I’ll give this a try and see what happens!

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